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Accountability and Engagement

/ Bright Concept offered a Bright Breakfast about Engagement

Bright Concept offered a Bright Breakfast about Engagement

IN: Accountability and Engagement.11 MAY, 2018
Bright Concept offered a Bright Breakfast about Engagement

This time it was at Microsoft’s premises in Lisbon, as one of the companies that invests more in the Accountability and Engagement of their collaborators.


After taking their breakfasts all the guests had the opportunity to share and discuss their practices and experiences in the Engagement area through a game. Guests from various sectors were present, particularly in the Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications, Retail, Construction, IT, Transportation, Media, Hospitals, Law Offices and Research sectors.


First Bright Concept presented the meaning of engagement, the small percentage of engaged employees on average in 148 countries (13%), the various results of studies on the impact on the organization and the employees, and what impacts the most employee engagement. For each of the levels of intervention, Bright Concept told what it has done in Microsoft and what it had been done in other companies.



Thus, at the business level, it was briefly explained and then offered exercises about the intervention of


At the leadership level, Bright Concept showed a number of ways to develop it, as leaders are responsible for up to 70% of their team Engagement results. Thus, it was described some forms of development in the area of


Employees also have responsibility in their own engagement, which explains the wide variety of engagement results within a team with the same boss. In this area, Bright Concept is strongly committed to the development


In a game the guests had the opportunity, in teams, to present and discuss the various solutions that their own organizations use to ensure greater engagement of its employees.



Each team also raised an issue that they would like to see resolved. We highlight two of the issues that have emerged the most in the promotion of greater engagement:


The game teams also voted for the team that gave the best ideas and asked the best questions and the prize to the pronounced winner was a discount in the value of the participation in the next Accountability Leadership Open Program to be held in Lisbon on June 20 and 21.


According to the guests it was a very good and inspiring start to the day!