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/ Book of the week - The Moment of Lift

Book of the week - The Moment of Lift

IN: Bright Concept.9 AUGUST, 2019
Book of the week - The Moment of Lift

"The Moment of Lift - How Empowering Women Changes the World"

In this book, Melinda Gates tells us inspiring stories of women of all ages, ethnicities and cultures, whom she met on her many trips to the world's poorest countries, with tremendous admiration and respect for the challenges they face every day.

She also tells us about projects she has visited in these places that contribute to improving the lives of these women and their families, by helping them to fight the traditions and prejudices of their societies that prevent them from giving their children the best conditions and from realizing their full potential.

Melinda gives us an in-depth and global view of the difference that small social changes can make in the lives of millions of people, and shows us that we can also contribute to this improvement in our lives by overcoming the social prejudices and injustices with which we come across daily - we don't need to be millionaires for that!

In one sentence, Melinda tells us what she believes the most: "When you lift up women, you lift up humanity."

An easy-to-read, inspiring book that can bring tears to the most sensitive (this was my case!), it's a great companion for a relaxed vacation week. What else could you ask for?


A recommendation from Inês Andrade