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/ Book of the week - The Power of Habit

Book of the week - The Power of Habit

IN: Bright Concept.29 JULY, 2019
Book of the week - The Power of Habit

If there is ever a time when you start to consider the creation of new habits, it is the new year with the goals of:“This is the year I am going to…. ”, and the summer holidays where you’ll ponder: “I’m going to do this now…”. To fulfill these goals, Charles Duhigg's book “The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business” proves to be an excellent summer book for understanding this powerful and necessary step in changing lives.

Using a very clear style with many short stories that are used as lessons and many examples of big companies that you will, no doubt, recognize, Duhigg reminds us that the role of habits is to make our lives easier and that our brains will always try to do so: either in a positive or negative way for you. As such you will read several tips that you can integrate into your daily life to transform your life.

The author also explores how habits are integrated into worlds as different as advertising, civic movements, and even the power of gambling and how easy it is to build up addictions.

If this is the summer that you will create new habits – even if it is only to remember to put on sunscreen every day! - this is the book for you! 


A recommendation by Inês Cabral