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/ Book of the week - Time to Think

Book of the week - Time to Think

IN: Bright Concept.23 JULY, 2019
Book of the week - Time to Think

“Time to Think” by Nancy Klein

This is a fantastic book, almost a must-read, where the author demonstrates in a very simple and effective way the power that active listening has in problem solving, productively managing meetings, in developing stronger and more meaningful personal and professional relationships. When was the last time someone really listened to you? Actively?... How did that make you feel?...

In a context where we are listened to carefully, without prejudice, our ability to think, create, solve problems and find solutions, is enhanced and we can have a greater impact in the world around us. Because holidays are also a time for reflection, for reset, why not a “Time to Think”?

Get inspired by this powerful book that offers you new possibilities and insights into everyday challenges. Enjoy your reading!!!