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/ Summer Reading - What does the Bright Team recommend?

Summer Reading - What does the Bright Team recommend?

IN: Bright Concept.26 JULY, 2022
Summer Reading - What does the Bright Team recommend?

Did you know that reading for 6 minutes or more a day reduces stress by 68%?

This is just one of the many benefits of reading. The Bright Concept Team shares a passion for reading and uses this summer and vacation time to nurture the passion for this activity and share its benefits with our friends, colleagues and customers.

As such, here are our 4 recommendations for your summer readings:

"Most people think that to change their lives (or change something relevant in their lives) they have to think big. But one of the world's leading experts on habits, James Clear, proposes an alternative. After decades of work in this area , concluded that big changes come from the combined effect of hundreds of small acts - whether doing one lift a day or waking up five minutes earlier. It's what the author calls Atomic Habits. In this revolutionary book, the author shows step by step how use these tiny changes to achieve structuring results in your life. Give us the little tips (like The 2 Minute Rule) but above all a methodology based on the best that Psychology and Neuroscience have to offer. laws for habit formation (evidence, attraction, ease, and gratification), and how to implement them."

Bright's opinion: "A book not to be missed for anyone looking to start a new habit, or encourage an old one!"



"In The New Intelligence, Daniel Pink shows that the future and personal and professional success belong to a new profile of people: designers, inventors, creatives, storytellers, that is, all those whose reasoning favors the side right brain. They are imaginative, intuitive people, capable of generating empathy and emotions. The good news is that everyone can develop these skills, even those with a more rational and logical profile.

In this book, the author presents simple exercises to train the right side of the brain and an endless list of sources of information and explanation on what he considers to be the new six pillars of success: Design, Story, Symphony, Empathy, Fun and Meaning. "

Bright's opinion: "With specific suggestions for actions you can take, develop your brain and enter an era of opportunity"




"Bill Gates has spent the last decade studying the causes and effects of climate change. With the help of experts in physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, political science and finance, he sought to know what needs to be done to make the planet does not walk towards an announced catastrophe. In this book, in addition to explaining why we have to achieve carbon neutrality, the author presents us with the fundamental concrete steps for the success of this objective.
Offering us an enlightening vision of the challenges that await us and supported by his vast knowledge of innovation and what it means to launch new ideas on the market, Bill Gates shows us the areas in which technology is helping us to reduce emissions, where and how we can make current technology more efficient, where new solutions are needed, and who is already developing them. Finally, the author gives us an account of his plan, a practical and concrete guide to achieving carbon neutrality, suggesting not only the policies that governments should adopt, but what we, individuals, can do to keep ourselves all, including our leaders, responsible for the success of this crucial mission.
Achieving carbon neutrality will be anything but easy, however, if we follow the plan outlined throughout these pages, it is a goal that is certainly within reach."

Bright's opinion: "Nowadays, sustainability, climate change and carbon neutrality have become keywords for our world. It is important to keep abreast of what is happening in the world, what are the innovations and how can we act."




"The unmistakable style of Ken Follett, master of suspense, is evident in the unfolding of this epic story, woven by intrigue, adventure and political struggle. A gothic cathedral, worthy of touching the heavens. Around this superb ambition, the reader will follow a picture composed of several characters, colorful and rich in action and description of a period of the Middle Ages that did not lack emotion, power, revenge and betrayal. Get to know the work of an authentic master of the word in what is considered his work of choice."

Bright's opinion: "Not only is this historical novel a great fun book, it's also a great example of the impact of inspiring leaders, the power of vision, and the need for great resilience to move from words to action."




And you? What book are you going to pack for this vacation? Which of our recommendations did you like the most?