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/ Public Speaking with emotion - "The truth of each one"

Public Speaking with emotion - "The truth of each one"

IN: Client Relations.29 MAY, 2019
Public Speaking with emotion -

Today we had another Bright Breakfast event, this time about how to speak in public using the most emotional side.

Several clients and potential clients have discovered the techniques that actors use for effective and impactful communication, creating and provoking emotions in those who listen to them.

Breakfast was at Lisbon's Siemens Tech Hub in Alfragide, a modern, innovative place that provides opportunities to speak in public and make presentations to audiences like the multidisciplinary and multicultural teams that work there. Perfect place!

A sunny morning, inviting for a gathering of experiences and sharing of emotions, by those who well acknowledge the importance of communicating and impacting.

Bright Breakfast - Public Speaking

After having breakfast and doing some networking, the group was well excited to meet and learn from actor Ricardo Carriço.

Public Speaking Workshop - Isabel Andrade and Ricardo Carriço

Isabel and Ricardo gave the kick-off to a fun and revealing workshop on each other’s opportunities and truths.


And because speaking in public is an act of love, in which we share something, we began by exercises in which our generosity came to the top. For example, give a big hug with the eyes…

After they all introduced themselves and made their voices heard, they discovered that there are some behaviors and habits that, unconsciously, limit the voice as a great communication tool: not opening the vowels well, "eating" the end of the sentences, speaking inward or for yourself without projecting the voice, using a "head voice"...


Public Speaking tips. Luckily there are solutions!


Conscious of what could be improved, we practiced techniques, and did some physical exercises, so that the voice can be the great instrument of communication and create impact and emotions in others:

Public Speaking Tips - Use the abdominal core

Public Speaking Tips - Vocalization Exercises

Public Speaking Tips - Breathing and Use of Silence

Public Speaking Tips - Use Emotion

Armed with a bass voice, we feel the emotions we want to convey and create the impact on those listening to us.

Communicating with open hearts, and putting our truth at the service of our speech, will make it more exciting, credible and impactful!

"The truth of each one" was the motto of this Bright Breakfast and was a success applauded enthusiastically by all participants.

If you find someone inside the car, standing at the traffic lights, making some funny faces and strange sounds like gargling, it is very likely that he was with us this magnificent morning.

Public Speaking Workshop - Bright Concept with Ricardo Carriço


See you next time!