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/ Bright Breakfast – Team Coaching

Bright Breakfast – Team Coaching

IN: Coaching.24 SEPTEMBER, 2019
Bright Breakfast – Team Coaching

This morning we held another Bright Breakfast, where we discussed the theme of “Team Coaching” and where we shared some specific tools with our guests. So that everyone could exchange experiences and feel at home, we made this Bright Breakfast at our oldest customer - Siemens - at their new Lisbon Tech Hub.



Our CEO Isabel Freire de Andrade kicked off this Bright Breakfast, followed by Helena Anjos and Luís Silva, the coaches of our team with the most experience and training in Team Coaching who are also PCC - Professional Certified Coaches.



Helena Anjos shared a testimony and explained what Team Coaching is - a process of co-creation, development and transformation of a team that, in a climate of trust, moves synergistically with a common purpose to achieve results.


Luís Silva deepened the theme with group exercises. For example, how do you think that thinking of your Team "as if it were a living being with Needs, Moods and Dreams that needed to be fed every day" would impact your daily life?



He also performed the exercise “Toxins and Antidotes” aimed at identifying and changing the behaviors that negatively impact teams. All the guests were able to experience in a dynamic and shared way the different toxins and their antidotes, present in most of the teams we work with in our daily lives.


They were asked to feel toxins, such as isolation, being defensive, criticizing and belittling, and they chose the ones they use the most and then reflect on the impact these toxins are having on their teams.


Fortunately, there are Antidotes for all Toxins

Knowing that cohesive teams are low-toxicity teams, we identified antidotes to ensure greater team effectiveness.

At Bright Concept, we also do these exercises and we have already got rid of all the toxins - we feel much more united and BRIGHT!



For as Henry Ford said: “Getting together is a beginning. Staying together is progress. Working together is success.”

Bright Concept Team