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/ Team Coaching: 4 Reasons to invest

Team Coaching: 4 Reasons to invest

IN: Coaching.2 OCTOBER, 2019
Team Coaching: 4 Reasons to invest

We recently organized a Bright Breakfast with the theme of 'Team Coaching'. But what is this type of Coaching all about?

Companies often ask us for Team Coaching for 4 main reasons:

1.      To improve their dynamics in a fun and relaxed way to be a high performing team

2.      Because they have a crisis or a conflict in a team;

3.      If they have a teams motivation or productivity problem;

4.      Because the team has a bigger challenge, a big new strategic project, and realizes that with the current way of thinking and acting they won't be able to meet the challenge.


For each of these reasons, we have a different approach:

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1.      To become a high performing team

If you want to improve your momentum to become a high-performing team, we can explore your team’s needs regardless of individual needs, we can create common purpose and shared vision, or we can identify areas for improvement and synergize actions to address some of the challenges. Sometimes we also work on integrating diversity.


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2.      In the event of a crisis or conflict

In this case, we work on the positive skills of the team. These include communication, respect for diversity, trust and optimism. To work in this area, we use three models:

• Collective Emotional Intelligence

• Positive Intelligence

• The MBTI Personalities.

The team focuses on how its members treat each other and how they interact. The impacts of Coach Team Coaching in this area are quite noticeable, increasing team performance through team climate. Return on investment (ROI) is high and can be calculated for example through the profitability of previously delayed projects in the team, retention of their talents or increased innovation in the team.


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3.      If there is a teams motivation or productivity issue

For this type of request, we work on the team's alignment with goals and strategy, accountability and engagement. In these situations, we use the Accountability model of Partners In Leadership, which Bright Concept represents in Portugal. With these interventions, the results are even more noticeable and easy to measure, as in addition to improving the social climate, there is a very significant impact on production and sales.


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4.      When a big new strategic project comes up

Here the goal is often even more ambitious, and Team Coaching is meant to make the impossible possible. The work of the Coach is broader as it is generally intended to make a change in the various teams of the organization and is deeper as beliefs must change. It is already a cultural intervention. For these situations, we use Partners In Leadership's culture change model, where we alternate between Team Coaching and Team Facilitation. In these interventions, the ROI is even higher as the team's ambition is higher and what is at stake is of generally very significant value.


Note that, in all these formats, Team Coaching will only have these results if the team leader accepts that change also involves him and if there is a collective desire for team improvement!

When these conditions are met, you can expect amazing focus and collective energy and transformational results. It's a worthwhile investment, and one that becomes more noticeable when measuring program ROI. The kind of experience you must see in order to believe!


Do you want to know more about this topic? Check our website or send me a message.