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Emotional intelligence

/ Boundaries between REAL and VIRTUAL - Christmas, Relationships and Friends

Boundaries between REAL and VIRTUAL - Christmas, Relationships and Friends

IN: Emotional intelligence.20 DECEMBER, 2018
Boundaries between REAL and VIRTUAL - Christmas, Relationships and Friends

In an era in which we connect with multiple people with whom we don’t have a personal relationship, let´s make Christmas a time to give protagonism to those who are part of our History and who have always helped us, through all the experiences we lived and celebrated together.


In the contours of life in which each one is supposed to manage their time and space according to what every minute demands, time became less elastic, more vulnerable and came to have another meaning. Perhaps that is why the boundary between Real and Virtual became even more tenuous.


And us…:


– Somehow we grabbed this virtual wave and set off for an unknown, dynamic, interesting and challenging journey… even without knowing where it takes us, or if we will be safe after the crossing.


– We surrender in such a way, in itself unconditional, that sometimes we lose focus, shooting dust into the air and disseminating information not relevant at the moment, not important to those who receive it and for sure not interesting for our lives.


During Christmas season everything should be about the Other, so let us give more attention to those who have been always on our side, those who have crossed paths with us through this year and who surprised us positively, or even those who just crossed our way without asking anything… with the ability to give without the expectation of receiving back!


Within the dynamics of giving and receiving, there is a bond of love that unites us and is transformed into something bigger. And in this game of Real and Virtual, each will gradually occupy its media space, shared each day without taking into account the prime-time!


Because at the end, prime-time at any time of the year, always belongs to those who, at a given moment, are on the antenna. And we’ve all had access to that time, this special attention, which is now a matter of retribution…


“We all have a life that is lived and another life that is thought of. And the only life we have, is the one which is divided between the true and the wrong one “ – F. Pessoa



Marinela Cunha Rolo | Business Development Director