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/ Bright Breakfast - Debating Diversity Management in HR

Bright Breakfast - Debating Diversity Management in HR

IN: Human Resources.10 APRIL, 2018
Bright Breakfast - Debating Diversity Management in HR

Last Thursday, Bright Concept organized a breakfast debate at Academia de Golfe de Lisboa. The topic to be debated? Diversity Management in HR.


Most of all we were pleased to welcome an excellent turnout, which translated in the presence of representatives from 15 companies who shared good practices that symbolize their bet and dedication on the road of diversity.


We had the pleasure to welcome the President of CIG – Comissão para a Cidadania e Igualdade de Género – Teresa Fragoso, as well as Ana Almeida e João Paiva, experts from CIG in promoting gender equality and diversity management and Bright Concept consultants on those same topics.


Diversity management is an increasingly pressing issue in today’s business landscape due to the coexistence of different realities – in terms of generation, gender, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, among others – in the workplace. Therefore we wanted to approach this subject in order to fuel the discussion and provide our input on this immensely abroad topic.


Our work on this matter divides in three fronts of action: consulting, training and communication.


As far as consulting goes we focus on processes to implement Diversity Management starting with diagnosis.


In the training department, we offer awareness sessions and a range of workshops related to the subject – such as:



As for communication, we offer dedicated consulting in both internal and external communication strategy and means to optimize diversity.


Through these three fronts we hope to help companies not only meet the requirements of recent legislative changes, but mostly to contribute in paving the way to a more inclusive and respectful business world.


That is why it was a great pleasure for us to welcome such a rich group of people in this event which was marked by the sharing of ideas and prospects for future actions.


What about you? What is your next step towards a bright diversity management?


It’s in you!