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/ Career Change: Step Back or ... Step Forward?

Career Change: Step Back or ... Step Forward?

IN: Human Resources.22 OCTOBER, 2018
Career Change: Step Back or ... Step Forward?

Whenever we are confronted with a predictable situation of change, we have been asking ourselves a number of times until, in a more or less natural way, the balance between the certainty of the decision to be made and the risk of that decision comes up! Change is like this, always, an act of courage! For some, the doubt is associated with a potential "Step Back" in their career. For the most optimistic, switching is associated with a potential "Step Forward" bet!


And just as in the research several Step Backs are necessary to reach new stages of success, also in a career change, there may be the fear of a not so promising future, or in which the New Challenges, New Opportunities and New Discoveries are not fully aligned with the prospect of greater personal and professional achievement.


Step Back or Step Forward?


So instead of worrying about the potential "Step Backs", why do not we assume that a Launching Point for Future Development might be in the pipeline?


Donald Winnicott called the "capacity to be alone" healthy, and it is in these moments of introspection that this ability to make decisions becomes evident. On the other hand, everything depends on the requirement that each one places on itself, and in certain cases it may appear as a feeling of guilt associated with a culture in which having free time does not seem to be valued, of all work, responsibility and economic results.


But the ability to take a step in a possible career change implies an emotional work and a capacity for reflection and action, in line with this movement. Since these changes happen potentially in all generations, it is the younger ones, those who are most involved in all decisions - especially those that directly involve their own choices - that are most at risk.


And they are not willing to wait ...


But in all cases it is necessary to know how to stop, to know how to think, in order to make conscious decisions. Only in this way can space be created for the critical and creative analyzes necessary for the emotional balance of the human being.


And as one saying goes ... if necessary: ​​"Take a step back so you can take the Big Jump Forward"



Marinela Cunha Rolo | Business Development Director