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/ The 5 HR trends for 2022

The 5 HR trends for 2022

IN: Human Resources.29 DECEMBER, 2021
The 5 HR trends for 2022

Discover the 5 HR trends for the next year presented by Forbes and the BRIGHT solutions for each one of them.

1. Hybrid work will continue to drive business transformation.

The vast majority of HR leaders (95%) expect at least some of their people to work remotely after the pandemic. This shift to hybrid working will be a major driver of business transformation, and HR leaders must be prepared to support it. In 2021, this trend was already quite noticeable due to the increase in our training and consultancy services in several countries. In particular, we highlight training on Leadership in the Virtual Era and Consultancy to Increase Engagement. For 2022 we are already reinforcing our offer of Innovation workshops for business transformation due to hybrid work, among others.

2. More and new skills will be needed

The total number of skills needed for a given job is increasing by 6.3% per year. Additionally, new skills are replacing existing ones. It is estimated that 29% of the skills that were present in a given job advertisement in 2018 will be obsolete in 2022.

According to the World Economic Forum, the top 10 skills for 2025 are quite different from the current ones and that is why we develop consultancy for the creation/adaptation of existing people management tools, carry out potential development assessments and create new training aimed at developing the 10 top skills:

In the area of training, to respond to this change, we upgraded our courses on Problem Solving, Personal Management and Working with People skills, and created the Critical Thinking course. For the Use and Development of Technology, we partnered with two companies that are specialists in these areas.


3. Maintaining a healthy workforce will continue to be a priority

Employee performance remained high during the pandemic, but the disruption caused by it has already had long-term and difficult to reverse impacts on the psychological health of workers and trust between individuals, teams and leadership , and in the work environment (for example, in the feeling of inclusion). Ineffective approaches to hybrid working will only exacerbate these negative impacts.

During the Pandemic, Bright Concept held Executive Coaching for many managers and Emotional Intelligence Training, Energize your Brain, Workshops on Stress Management and Conflict Management to ensure greater mental health and relationships between people.

4. Valuing and understanding the needs of Employees will be key.

Leaders need to build a more humane employer-employee relationship and address employees' needs to be heard and valued. All HR leaders and all HR subfunctions have a role to play in ensuring more humanized leadership in their organizations.

To satisfy this need, already felt this year, Bright Concept has contributed with Team Coaching to several teams, and trained many managers in Leadership through Coaching.

5. There will continue to be increasing pressure on diversity, equity and inclusion

Along with expectations of greater empathy and a more humane work environment, there will continue to be increasing pressure to improve equity and inclusion in organizations. In particular, all stakeholders – internally and externally – will push for greater leadership diversity. This year in this area we made Plans for Equality and several Workshops on Moral and Sexual Harassment and on

Diversidade nas organizações: inclusão social ou estratégia competitiva?

Without proactive and future-proof Employees, companies will stagnate. This is an exciting time to be working with the People and for the People. With many challenges, Human Resources professionals have never played a more important role in helping organizations stay competitive. Human Resources will continue to be part of the solution and remain at the forefront of all of the key business challenges in the coming year. Make the difference! Know how.