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/ Interview - Isabel Freire de Andrade

Interview - Isabel Freire de Andrade

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Isabel Freire de Andrade - Bright Concept


For the second consecutive time, Bright Concept was chosen by customers as the Best HR Provider in the area of training. What distinguishes you from other companies in the sector?

I think that what distinguishes us is the relationship we create with our clients, the fact that we have innovative international programs and that we get clients to have visible results. When we measure the results before our interventions and after them and the difference is noticeable, customers are very surprised and, of course, very satisfied. Sometimes it is the operating results that increase, other times it is the organizational climate that improves significantly, other times it is conflicts that are resolved and that allow everything to happen again.


Can you tell us an example of one of these customers?

Last month we did an open course on Leading for Accountability and one of the participants, General Director of a Portuguese company, said that he wanted to resolve the conflict between the company's partners as it was undermining the organization's functioning. During the training we did several individual and group work on the Program themes where participants could work their case. In the end everyone made their action plan. Three weeks after the course the participants started to share the successes they had already achieved and this participant sent an email saying: “...I created a key expectation for the project, linked to the results in the next 4 years. We created a logo. I spoke with key members of the project and explained what was intended. Almost immediately everyone wanted not to be “blameless” and preferred to be accountable. The entire team became aware of the results on a daily basis and wanted to contribute ideas. The relationship between partners has changed radically. I think it was one of the most productive workshops I've held to date.”


Is accountability the fastest way to improve the organizational climate?

Indeed, the results of these Climate Programs are very fast and positive. When we work on Accountability, we are acting mainly at the level of clarifying the vision, strategy and definition of objectives, which are the climate variables that have the greatest impact on the climate in general. We also work on feedback, team commitment and responsibility, so the climate improves substantially. When we carry out the “Leadership for Accountability” Program, we are also making a strong contribution to improving the organizational climate, as we work on the leadership styles that most contribute to the climate – visionary, coaching and participatory styles.


How can Bright Concept help companies achieve key organizational results?

We use several methodologies, from CEO Coaching, Management Team Coaching, Accountability Culture Development Programs and Gamification. When Key results are too difficult to achieve with the current way of thinking of employees, we run a Culture Adjustment Program. When key results can be achieved with the current way of thinking, we work on clarifying key results and aligning all employees through the programs “The Oz Principle for Accountability” and “Leadership for Accountability”. In a multinational where we are doing one of these programs with all employees, the impact is noticeable since the first Workshop. For example, one of the contributors made this comment to me at the end of the Workshop: "I've been working in the industry for many years and I've had a lot of training but this was the most important I've had, without a doubt. I felt totally committed to helping the company achieve the key results.” We are now looking forward to seeing whether adherence to implementing the strategy to achieve results in this client will actually increase.


(Translated from Portuguese)