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/ The road to results

The road to results

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"DEVELOPING the motivation, the proactivity, that is, the Accountability, in organizations for a more productive and winning Portugal".


This is Bright Concept motto, a company that has been working for 20 year, so that people be more, and become aware and happy in their work. The moto is from Isabel Freire de Andrade, Bright Concept CEO, a company that acts in the field of consulting, training and coaching and which represents Partners In Leadership, the company globally recognized for its results in the creation of accountable cultures in all types of organizations, in Portugal.

“Accountability means "proactive accountability, "and having constant inner guidance that tells us" what else can I do to contribute to the goals of my organization?" Explains the company's CEO.

With the programs it implements, Bright Concept aims to help companies develop their teams responsibility and, consequently, to improve the results and the accomplishment of the company's mission. "We aim to strengthen individual and collective accountability, which are the driving force of an organization's productivity, innovation and success.”


“Our goal is clear: to transform the cycle of victimization into a cycle of responsibility and results," says Isabel Freire de Andrade.


Bright Concept uses several methodologies, from coaching to the CEOs, to coaching to the management teams; to developing an Accountability culture and also using Gamification. "When key results are very difficult to achieve with the current thinking of employees, we do a culture adjustment program.”

When they can be achieved with today's way of thinking, we work on clarifying key-results and aligning all employees through the "The Oz Principle for Accountability" and "Leadership for Accountability" Programs, explains Isabel Freire de Andrade.

In October, Bright Concept is preparing to hold the "Leading to Accountability", a two-day training workshop that will bring together senior executives and HR directors who want to keep employees engaged and achieve more results.


Isabel Freire de Andrade, Bright Concept CEO