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/ The specifics of leadership coaching

The specifics of leadership coaching

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From my experience in leadership coaching, I have realized that what distinguishes leadership coaching is mainly some of the content that is dealt with and also the way of working with them.

With regard to content, in leadership coaching, the focus is mainly on the 3 most significant areas of leaders' work: transmitting the organization's vision and objectives, developing and facilitating relationships, and generating results more from third-party initiatives than from their own. A leader's coach should treat these issues and talk about shareholder interests, succession, loyalty, strategic alliances and market positioning seriously and should not be intimidated.

Regarding the way of working, the coach has to set the tone and pace of work with the leader who generally requires more tact, more objectivity and more speed than the other coachees.

Otherwise, I feel that it is similar to coaching people with other functions. The coach's role is to help the coachee face their challenges and discover their own paths, not only as professionals, but also as people.


Isabel Freire de Andrade | Managing Partner at Bright Concept 


(Translated to English)