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Artificial Intelligence Academy

Artificial Intelligence Academy

In partnership with Thorly we offer an innovative and inclusive concept for training teams and individuals on Programming and Data Science.


Artificial Intelligence Academy

Based on previous experience on consultancy and education and focused on companies, our teaching approach is based on the discipline of Decision Intelligence Engineering created by Google.

It means we do not aim to teach deep knowledge and how to build tools, but to empower your employees and business leaders to apply data, machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to improve your business. In addition, our goal is to constantly improve overall learning experience in a student-centric approach, by adapting our courses to the participants need.

Bearing this in mind, and apart from the in-person courses, Thorly is also building an adaptive learning platform to teach essential concepts in the way that is ideal for each individual student. Then, using our teaching methodology and our adaptive learning system, we are rethinking education!