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We have the best assessment tools to carry out an individual or team  evaluation which will allow us to identify the strengths and improvement areas of your employees, not only for their personal development but also for their selection or promotion.

Assessments for Talent Management

With more than 20 years of experience in the area of diagnosis and assessment of skills and potential, we support and execute several key HR projects in organizations.

In order to provide the best solutions from the international market, Bright Concept is representative of the most valid assessment instruments in the world and with the most scientific studies.


Benedita Simas
Managing Partner of HiPay and Hi-media

“I went to Isabel's services in the area of recruitment and selection of people in two different companies of which I was Director, both Multinationals.

I already knew the committed and professional attitude that Isabel places in all the projects she is dedicated to, as well as her immense ability to observe and read people, their needs and motivations.

I was not surprised, therefore, to note Isabel's unique ability to assess the recruiting company's culture, the needs of the position and the demands made on the positions in question, and to find suitable people for the roles.”


For external or internal selection projects, we use assessments in the following 4 phases:


In Development Projects, we use the following types of assessment tools: