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Individual or Team Coaching is a structured process that allows individuals to discover and adopt their own solutions and action plans, to achieve the goals that have been set.

The Bright Concept Coaches

Grow with the most experienced in coaching

Bright Concept has Coaches certified by the ICF - International Coach Federation, the world's most credible entity to certify Coaches. This certification ensures that Bright Concept Coaches have specific and continuous training in coaching, have extensive experience and follow a strict code of ethics .

The Bright Concept team has Coaches, that perform coaching in Portuguese (from Portugal and Brazil), English, French, Spanish and German.


Carla Caracol
DRH do Grupo Renascença

"I confess that I've always been skeptical about coaching. A year and a half after the first session, I'm perfectly surrendered to the impact it has on all levels, not only professional but also personal. It has succeeded in leading me to a journey of self, not infrequently surprising, through a questioning and deconstruction approach that reinforces empathy and tolerance. 

It has thus boosted my personal skills, which are essential for strengthening relationships based on trust. Isabel Andrade's dedication and professionalism have been very important, allowing me to rethink strategies and attitudes, to reflect on the adequacy of solutions to constraints, in a holistic perspective of decision-making oriented towards 360º awareness."

Bright Concept Coaches

Coaching can be done to Management Teams by accredited Executive Coaches.

Another application of Coaching is to be carried out by leaders to their collaborators in order to develop them. 
Leadership through Coaching is the second leading style with more impact and it seems to be  particularly appreciated by Millennials.