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International Certification in Coaching
International Certification in Coaching

What is the International Certification in Coaching?

"Art & Science of Coaching", is an ICF - International Coaching Federation accredited Program (ACTP).

Each module includes training, assessmentes,practice and supervised methodologies. Participants develop theoretical and practical foundations of Solution Focused Coaching. They discover how to help others realize their full potential so that they act in lines with their vision. 

This program was created by Erickson Coaching International in Canada in 1980 under the direction of Marilyn Atkinson, PhD. Bright Concept has partnered with BBM-Beyond Bright Minds for Angola who is a representative of Erickson Coaching International.

Challenge of the International Certification in Coaching

In today's worlds, outside the religious and political movements there is a great human development movement - coaching. This Program is at the heart of this phenomenon. It shows why coaching is taking over and giving methods to learn the power and methodologies of transformative conversations.

At the end of training Leaders or Coach Professionals receive a certificate of specific training of 64 ACSTH hours in Coaching accredited by the ICF - International Coach Federation. If you are interested in obtaining an ICF International Coaching credential, you must take an additional 10 hours of mentoring to complete the exam at the ACC level.

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Certification Program


The real voyage of discovery consist not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.


Curiosities about International Certification in Coaching

According to Marilyn Atkinson, the answers to these 5 questions define how powerfully you play the game of life:

  1. How often are you focusing your mind on being who you what to be, doing what truly inspires you, or experiencing the results that you know you can produce?
  2. How much do your daily actions align with you really are?
  3. How much are you living fully alive on your own terms? How clean, clear, and focused are you in making choices that service the highest and best value you and others?
  4. How much do you fully engage and enjoy each moment, no matter where you are or what you are doing?
  5. Whatever life looks like for you, the answers to these questions define how powerfully you play the game of life.
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