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No Bully - The Solution Coaching
No Bully - The Solution Coaching

What is the No Bully - The Solution Coaching?

It is a Certification Program for Schools to become autonomous in the resolution of bullying cases, through coaching training for teachers and parents.

Challenge of the No Bully - The Solution Coaching

In Portugal, 1 in 3 young people aged 13 to 15 are bullied *.

The impact of bullying is often painful and expensive:

  • To the targets, it causes problems such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, substance abuse and suicide;
  • To bullies, it creates the risk of absenteeism, drug abuse, criminality and extreme violence;
  • It makes school officials lose time by resolving disputes and imposing punishments;
  • Increases suspensions and evictions;
  • It leads parents to take their children from school:
  • Learning exploitation and the school environment worsen;



(*) - 2009 questionnaire sponsored by the World Health Organization of attitudes and health-related behaviors of young people ("Health Behavior in School-Aged Children") that concluded that the percentage of adolescents in Portugal aged 11 to 15-year-old that reported bullying others at school at least once in the two preceding months is over 30 percent.

Our solutions about No Bully - The Solution Coaching

We train the schools to prepare them to prevent and resolve bullying cases, giving the seal of certification after the entire training and when 10 cases of bullying have been resolved.

The certification is composed of a set of diagnoses, trainings in coaching to the Directors, the teachers and the parents, so that the school can build a school culture without bullying.

More specifically, we do:

  1. Foundation training - for all adults who work in school and who want to stop bullying
  2. Workshop for parents - for all parents and guardians interested in preventing their children from becoming targets or bullies
  3. Solution coach® training - for teachers and assistants selected to manage solution teams of students, to solve bullying cases
  4. Student workshops - for students between 11 and 15, who wish to learn ways to collaborate with their colleagues for a better environment at school
  5. Leadership coaching - for school leaders responsible for integrating the no bully system®.

For more details, access the website No Bully Portugal


I wish everyone could see kids working together on a Solution Team. It would restore your faith in humanity. 

Courtney Graham (Cathedral School For Boys, San Francisco)

Curiosities about No Bully - The Solution Coaching

90% of bullying cases where the solution coach intervenes are resolved within 3 months.

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