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Team Coaching

Team Coaching
What is Team Coaching?

Team Coaching allows a team to work and achieve results which are much more than a sum of all different parts, clarifying the purpose of the team and improving the internal and external relationships within the team.

This implies a combination of individual coaching and coaching for the whole team regarding goals and behaviors. As such, Team Coaching is a well-integrated synthesis of team facilitation, organizational consulting, organizational development, as well as individual development work and teamwork. 

Challenge of the Team Coaching

Research in the field has shown that high-performance teams display more energy, creativity, and achieve better results than lower-performing teams. These features are critical for organizations facing challenging pressures in the global marketplace.

Our solutions about Team Coaching

The Bright Concept Team Coaching programs work creatively, stimulating memorable and in depth, the dynamics of teams as a whole. They create individual and collective insights, accompanying their learning and development to create synergies, perceiving complementarities and meta-communication.


We use various team diagnoses, such as:



The sessions begin with the approach of a theme relevant to the team or to a team meeting. Following that, there is an analysis of the Team Profile, actions taken, behaviors and attitudes are encouraged in order to promote the improvement of communication and teamwork.


Our tools




Good Teams become great ones when the members trust each other enough to surrender the me for the we.

Phil Jackson
Curiosities about Team Coaching

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