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Executive coaching


Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is based on a unique relationship between Coach and Coachee, allowing the Coachee to discover and adopt its own solutions and action plans, to achieve the objectives outlined.


Coaching, unlike other solutions, is directed solely at the present and future and the Coachee’s goals. Coaching creates:

  • Focus - clarifies your vision
  • Motivation - frees up your energy to get what you want
  • Confidence - power is in your hands
  • Action - planning your actions in a realistic and exciting way

It is the most efficient way to develop managers, taking into account the limited availability of time and the required level of confidentiality. It Creates more time for yourself, achieves better results, and builds your interpersonal skills.


According to a study by ICF Global, most organizations (86%) say that, when they invest in coaching, they have a return. In fact, one in five people (19%) saw a ROI 50 times greater than the initial investment, while 28% of people saw ROI 10 to 49 times greater than the investment made.


Also, on a personal level, it has important implications. According to the same study, not only does productivity increase but people become more positive and experience greater self-confidence (80%), better relationships (73%), improved communication skills (72%), and improved balance between professional and personal life (67%).

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Bright Concept has developed its own methodology to support individual Coachings, using Diagnostics, Training, Gamification and Evolution Assessment. The mostly used diagnoses in Executive Coaching are 360º evaluations with the Saville Performance 360º. 

ESCI – Emotional and Social Competences Inventory


Or through self-assessment questionnaires with Leadership Impact, MBTI, DISC, Mental Game Assessment or SDI® - The Strength Deployment Inventory.


It's all about you - your goals, your dreams.

Isabel Andrade | Partner at Bright Concept
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