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Elevator Pitch for Clients
Elevator Pitch for Clients

What is the Elevator Pitch for Clients?

It is a technique of presenting a project, an idea, a solution, in a few seconds or minutes, demonstrating its benefits to arouse the interest of the interlocutor.

Challenge of the Elevator Pitch for Clients

Increasingly, Elevator Pitches are being used in international organizations and start-ups to explain their business ideas to others. It is therefore necessary for its professionals to know and effectively apply this technique of presenting very fast a product or service. It is one of the most efficient methods to reach new buyers and customers with a winning message in an unplanned situation.

Our solutions about the Elevator Pitch for Clients

In the Elevator Pitch training, we train the capacity of:


The buyer is always tuned into a radio station: WIIFM (What's In It For Me). The rest is filtered as noise

Steve Woodruff

Curiosities about the Elevator Pitch for Clients

The analogy to the elevator is due to the fact that the time spent for this speech should last from thirty seconds to two minutes, which is the typical time of an elevator ride. Refer to the scenario of an unexpected encounter with someone interesting inside the elevator.

If the conversation in this short time "inside the elevator" is interesting and of added value, there is the possibility of continuing after the trip, originating an exchange of business cards, or even a meeting to better discuss the matter. It can be used in many situations by transforming inappropriate moments into relevant conversations.

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