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More productivity & less stress
More productivity & less stress

What is More productivity & less stress?

Learn how to manage activities in the time we have available and become more effective, as well as how to manage stress, increase motivation and health.

Challenge of More productivity & less stress

Working in sales is stressful. The unstable and hostile nature of some clients makes it hard for salespeople to work, preventing them from closing deals easily.

In an investigation conducted by PayScale - a career database online - the profession of sales manager was ranked as the second most stressful job, with 73% of respondents rating the role of sales manager as "extremely stressful." Sales managers are under a lot of pressure to meet goals, making sales and maintain high approval rankings. If, on the one hand, the enough amount of pressure can have positive effects on competition and motivation, on the other hand, the excess or negative pressure can become paralyzing.

In an investigation carried out by the Bridge Group, it was discovered that the companies that showed a greater distress obtained less 12% in the conquest of clients when compared with other companies more focused on the retention. As such, proper stress management is not only an ethical responsibility, but also a business imperative for sales leaders.

Our solutions about More productivity & less stress

Our development program for sales professionals on Time and Stress Management has the following objectives:


In the workplace, you can not eliminate stress from life, all you can do is react better to stressful events 

Alejandro Foung

Curiosities about More productivity & less stress

If there is a company that is at the forefront of managing the stress of its employees, it is Google. The organization realized that even with all the benefits that are available at Google, these are not enough to fight against the stress pandemic.

As such, Google offers classes specific to its employees with topics such as: Meditation 101, Look Within and Reduce Stress through Mindfulness. The organization has also created a physical and virtual community called gPause to support and encourage participants in their meditation practice by presenting dynamics such as daily meditation, mindful meals, and spiritual / meditation retreats at various locations.

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