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Image and protocol in Portugal
Image and protocol in Portugal

What is Image and protocol in Portugal?

People who contact clients need to know how they should present themselves and what rules they should follow. Protocol can be defined as the art and science of facilitating events.

Challenge of Image and protocol in Portugal

The image one presents to the world is an important expressive force, which creates impact and confidence in the client. As such, it is important to know which behaviors earn respect in the negotiations and to create a safe and pleasant professional relationship that promotes the cooperation of all the individuals involved.

Our solutions about Image and protocol in Portugal

In this program we will discuss the rules of Portuguese protocol and how to communicate a good image, covering the following topics:


You can go through life with bad manners, but it's easier with good manners.

Lillian Gish

Curiosities about Image and protocol in Portugal

Do you think it's okay if you put your phone on the restaurant table, during meal times?

It is not a protocol because it is unhygienic and gives the impression that the people you are having lunch with are less important than those who may call you.

If you are waiting for a very urgent message, put the phone in your pocket. If you have to answer that call, apologize to your lunch colleagues and answer discreetly, getting up to speak in a place where you do not inconvenience those who are at the table.

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