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International Customer Relationships
International Customer Relationships

What are International Customer Relationships?

Understanding the culture of international clients and create successful relationships with them, through respect and willingness to learn and know the customer.

Challenge of International Customer Relationships

International Trading is increasing on the global economy. According to a USForex survey, 58% of small business founders are currently working with international clients. Out of them, 72% indicated that they plan to increase their international customer base the following year. Taking into account the differences between both sides, both linguistic, cultural and in protocol are essential do deal successfully.

Our solutions about International Customer Relationships

Our International Customer Relationships program has the following objectives:


To break the rules you must first master them.

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Curiosities about International Customer Relationships

"Dessert in a SHOE was almost worth a Diplomatic Crisis"! This situation took place in Israel during the official visit of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, at the official residence of the Israeli Prime Minister.

In Japan, it's culturally wise to leave the shoes at the door of the house or office... let alone at the table!


There are different behaviors that should be adopted when entering into negotiations with individuals from other countries and cultures, even down to the smallest details:


An excellent example of the importance of adapting to different cultures in the business world is given by the movie A Hologram for the King (2016).

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