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Consulting, Engagement, Accountability and Culture

Consulting, Engagement, Accountability and Culture

In order to change reality we need to understand it. A customized intervention that responds directly to the needs of your organization, offers transformative results.

Consulting, Engagement, Accountability and Culture

We help organizations to reinvent themselves or simply transform themselves according to their organizational goals.
Together with our Clients, we seek to define the best solutions to promote innovation and growth, increase efficiency, make changes in the organizational culture and boost Accountability.
We support the design, management and implementation of organizational transformation programs with a positive and lasting impact on organizations. For this we use innovative and consistent methodologies and instruments, adapted to each organizational reality.
And as to change reality, it's necessary to understand it and the first step is to know the starting point in its multiple aspects. This holistic knowledge will be the basis for building a customized intervention that responds directly to the Organization's needs. In building the most appropriate solution, we also promote alignment with strategy and organizational culture. Because we know that the success of a solution depends on an adequate implementation and management of change, we accompany the Organizations throughout this process and, once concluded, we evaluate the results achieved.


Jim Arnold
Senior Vice President, Nexen Oil Sands

"Culture is not something you do to an organization. It's a 'leader-led' process - it's about you going first - changing the most. From there it ripples throught the whole organization as one wave after another of changed behaviors."

(Partners In Leadership testimony )

Our Solutions

Development of Engagement  and Accountability

What is the aim of all leaders? And what do all employees want? Accountability!

To develop and promote the Engagement and the Organizational Climate, we develop the Leadership skills of the heads of department, and we develop the Accountability of all employees. 

For us to achieve that, we use the methodologies of Partners In Leadership, as a globally recognized company in the development of Accountability. 

At the same time and with all employees, including the Administration, we follow the “Accountability Builder®” process. As for all Managers, we follow the "Leadership Builder®" process.

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Cultural and Organizational Change

Define the Culture you want, or in other words, the way of thinking of your employees, to achieve the results you need. And then, speed up the change.

According to Partners In Leadership, moving to a culture of accountability is the fastest and most efficient way to achieve it. Lead Culture® is a powerful change management process designed to shape and transform the culture of an organization.

This intervention consists of a set of actions that facilitate the management of change in an effective and meaningful way, which involves not only the leaders, but also all employees. 

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Organizational Diagnostics

Through the Bright Organizational Scan, determine your Organization's Pain Points in six dimensions: Strategy, Governance, Organizational Structure, Processes, People and Leadership; and define the Transformation Plan that allows you to close the identified gaps and achieve the desired results.

Find out through a Climate Diagnosis what motivates and keeps your employees happy in order to act on critical points and boost levels of organizational happiness, as Employees are the key piece of any Organization.

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Transformation and Organizational Effectiveness

The organizational structure is crucial to the success of Organizations. It conditions the implementation of the organizational strategy, facilitates or makes it difficult to adapt to changes in the context, and influences the degree of operational agility and effectiveness.

Defining an adequate organizational structure is therefore of the utmost importance. It is not enough to think about the design of an organization chart. In order to find the most appropriate structure for each Organization, it is essential to understand the organizational strategy, purpose and culture, (re) think the value chain and the key business processes, as well as to know the functioning of the entire organization.

The dimensioning of the structure, together with an adequate redefinition of roles and responsibilities and optimization of processes, also appear to be central to organizational success.

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Development of Engagement and Accountability
Cultural and Organizational Change
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