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Design Thinking
Design Thinking

What is Innovation and Transformation with Design Thinking

By focusing innovation on people, Design Thinking allows Organizations to increase the creative confidence of their Employees by enhancing the use of analytical and intuitive thinking and by allowing them to “experiment” and learn from mistakes.

The focus of Design Thinking is on emotional value and meaning for the customer through empathy. When solving problems, it uses more qualitative data to understand the needs of users before deciding which problem to solve.

Design Thinking can be applied to products, services, systems, procedures, processes and customer/user/employee experiences.

The different stages of Design Thinking:


1. Invent the future: inspiration

What do your Customers or Employees want but don't have? What are the complex problems your Organization is facing and for which you are looking for an innovative solution? Understand the current situation by observing people, their attitudes and behaviors and decision-making processes.

2. Generate new ideas: Ideation

How to combine your rational brain with your creative brain to find possible solutions? How can I use the different creativity techniques? Apply different techniques and tools to stimulate your creativity, enhancing the diversity of thought and experience of your Employees.

3. Test your ideas: Experimentation

How to increase the certainty that the solutions obtained meet what your Customers or Employees want? Testing through prototypes, simulations of new processes or the use of new methods will allow you to reduce uncertainty by knowing that you are on the right “track”.

4. Put your ideas into practice: Implementation

How to launch the innovation that was created? What skills and human resources do I need? How much do I need to invest and what return can I expect? Know what you will have to do and develop to put your new idea or process into practice.

The Importance of Innovation and Complex Problem Solving.

The use of the Design Thinking methodology will allow your Organization to face the challenges of innovation, digital transformation, Customer-centricity and Talent attraction and retention with greater confidence, as it allows:

  1. Identify new opportunities and incomparable experiences for your Organization that meet the needs and behaviors of your Customers, Users or Employees.
  2. Create a culture of innovation and focus on solutions, making your organization more agile and efficient and therefore better prepared to face the challenges of the future.
  3. Reduce the risks associated with innovation, offering a structured approach to transform ideas into something concrete and real, avoiding wasting resources.
  4. Take advantage of the creative potential of its Employees, enhancing diversity and collaboration between teams.
  5. Accelerate Organizational Change processes by involving Employees in building new solutions or solving problems

Our solutions about Innovation with Design Thinking

We work with our clients in the development of innovation and corporate transformation processes, supporting them to:

1. Develop Differentiating Products and Services

We live in an experiential economy, where consumers have moved from passive spectators to active actors. Offering customers unforgettable products and experiences, sometimes even transformational, that make them come back and recommend them to their family, friends and network of contacts is essential for the sustainability of your organization's business.

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2. Design a differentiating “Employee Experience”

In a context of talent shortages like the one we are experiencing, leaders need to create an organization centered on people, which is agile, simple and intuitive, where people enjoy working. They need to create an internal culture of emotionally positive experiences.

But a memorable and relevant employee experience doesn't just happen. Designing the Employee Experience Design - customized to people and aligned with the organization's strategy, which guarantees high levels of involvement, talent retention and increased productivity, requires a structured method that leads to results.

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3. Resolve Complex Problems

Your Organization faces complex and multifaceted problems on a daily basis, such as inconsistencies in workflows, “bottlenecks” in production processes, heavy processes and procedures with activities that do not generate value, among others.

By creating effective solutions to these problems, it not only increases your organization's capacity to develop its business in an efficient and competitive manner, but also allows it to adequately respond to the needs of the different players that make up its ecosystem.

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4. Increase Work Speed and Efficiency

Having agile and effective teams is the desire of most companies, whether in traditional, hybrid or remote work models. This can be achieved through the creation of collaborative, physical and digital work environments that facilitate communication and joint work between multifunctional teams and that stimulate creativity.

Agile organizations are better prepared to survive in complex environments because they have developed the ability to find opportunities, anticipate threats and implement changes quickly.

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Our innovation and transformation solutions, guided by specialists with extensive experience in Design Thinking, will allow you to generate lasting value for your Organization.


Design Thinking is all about building unmatched user experiences with innovation.

Nisarg Mehta

Curiosities about Innovation with Design Thinking

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