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Organizational Structures
Organizational Structures

What is Organizational Structures?

Proper organizational structures, and design is the fast track to implementing your strategy.

It is through organizational design that functions and processes are also clarified, allowing your team to carry out their work with greater responsibility, less effort and increased agility.

Organizational design is more than “named boxes” and hierarchical relationships. It must translate the purpose, culture, operating model and leadership that will allow the organization to achieve its vision of the future.

Likewise, when it comes to defining a new organizational structure or changing the existing one, it is important to consider several key aspects such as the differentiation and integration of the work developed by the organization, the technology to support the processes, the dimension and the “span of control” between others.

For this, we can help you! So how do you make the change happen?

First, teams need to understand the vision and purpose, as well as being aligned on direction and priorities. Only then will they be able to survive in the FANI context - Fragile, Anxious, Non-linear and Incomprehensible as we live today.

Then, through a diagnosis and bearing in mind the best practices in the sector, we define the most appropriate Organization to respond to future challenges.

We then detail the governance model and processes and the entire structure and operating model (report lines, workflows, required functions, sizing, among others) as well as helping organizations put the right people in the right place!

Finally, we support organizations to put all these components “on the ground” through proper change management.

The Importance of Organizational Structures

An inadequate organizational structure can make it difficult or even impossible to implement your strategy, however good it may be. In the same way, it may, in the long run, be compromising innovation and speed of response and, in this way, the success and growth of the business.

What, then, are the benefits that can come from an adequate organizational structure?

  • Alignment and mobilization of teams with strategic business objectives;
  • Optimization of available resources based on taking advantage of synergies and eliminating redundancies;
  • Increased organizational agility through the clarification of organizational relationships (vertical and horizontal) and collaboration schemes between areas and business units;
  • Improved internal communication and increased cooperation between areas;
  • Increase in productivity by clarifying and simplifying functions and defining appropriate functional profiles.
  • Adequacy of the amount of resources with the necessary skills so that organizations can respond to current challenges, as well as think “future” in order to remain competitive.

Our solutions in Organizational Structures


The purpose of organizational design is to improve the business maturity from functioning to firm to delight and ultimately, achieve the high-performance business result.”

Pearl Zhu, 100 Digital Rules

Curiosities about Organizational Structures

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