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Development of Engagement and Accountability


Accountability Builder®

Accountability Builder®

Accountability Builder®

Accountability Builder® is a process that will transform your organization and drive it to achieve results by spreading positive accountability across all levels of your workforce.


According to the definition of Partners In Leadership, accountability is a personal choice to overcome the circumstances and to demonstrate the ownership which is necessary to achieve the desired results - See It, Own It, Solve It, Do It.® 



Achieving the goals is the challenge of all organizations, and yet often they are not reached. One of the reasons for the lack of results is that the employees are not aligned and engaged, and the organizational climate is not bright. In fact, Organizational Climate is responsible for 30% of operating results, so if we focus on improving the organizational climate, we can much more easily achieve the desired results. However, most companies invest little in improving the organizational climate and have very weak results in this area.


In fact, according to Galup's data, only 11% of workers in Portugal are engaged with their work, and 19% are heavily disengaged. As a consequence, there is little innovation, little collaboration between departments, difficulties in taking decisions and a slow learning attitude.

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Partners In Leadership has created the Accountability Builder® Program to address these challenges. This award-winning approach, based on The New York Times best-selling book The Oz Principle, motivates and engages individuals using a powerful process called Steps to Accountability®: See It, Own It, Solve It, Do It.®



Through this program, you can access tools, concepts and powerful accountability drills to build a positive accountability mentality:


Get ready to see the results that your organization will achieve, once all employees and leaders demonstrate the necessary ownership to achieve key results.


To complete this process, we also facilitate the "Leadership Builder Program", which trains leaders to make others more Accountable.


"The telephone pole was approaching quickly. I was trying to get out of its way, but it hit me head-on." This is a description handed over to police to justify why the driver was not liable for the accident.

Police record

The results achieved with Partner In Leadership's Accountability Builder® Program speak for itself.


A multi-industry conglomerate, specializing in optimizing energy and operational efficiency of buildings, after receiving the Program, succeeded in:

  1. Transformation of the value proposition of the company.
  2. Growth beyond the 25% target in an industry with growth of 7%.


A Telecommunications Company obtained the following results, with the Program:

  1. It went from 73% employee satisfaction to 80%
  2. It went from 77% of employee engagement to 84%


A Company dedicated to innovative health solutions achieved the following results:

  1. Increase of 12% in sales compared to the previous year.
  2. Increase in profit by 65% compared to the previous year.
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