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Employee Experience

Employee Experience

In a world in permanent change like the one we live in, where the speed of response is a critical factor of success or even survival for many organizations, an adequate Talent Management is crucial.

We can help with this challenge facing the leaders of most organizations, regardless of their size or sector of activity.

Our Talent Management solutions extend throughout the Employees' management cycle, and involve the creation of agile and effective processes and instruments, adapted to the culture and the current and future needs of your Organization.


With extensive experience in Human Capital management, our consultants can help your Organization to diagnose, design and implement the most appropriate Talent Management solutions.

We follow the best international practices and know what works best in each Organization. Thus, from an initial Diagnosis, we propose the most appropriate solution for your Organization, respecting the principles of agility, simplicity and effectiveness that characterize the solutions we present.

And because we know that the success of a solution depends on its apprehension on the part of the Employees, we monitor the entire implementation process in order to guarantee the creation of value for the Organization.


Our Talent Management solutions, comprise the necessary infrastructure for an integrated management of the Human Capital of your Organization, composed of instruments, models and processes, and the support to its management, following the cycle of planning, attraction, development and retention of talent.

All the solutions we present integrate innovative methodologies, models and processes that have been widely tested and already implemented, as well as a wide range of instruments for reference assessment in the international market.


Talent Management


Talent Management Planning and Strategy

We support the design of a strategy aligned with the present and future needs of People and Skills.

In this way, it is possible to improve the use of existing resources, make sustained hiring decisions, internally develop skills or retrain Employees to fill specific skill needs.


External Talent Identification

Identifying the “right person for the right place” requires a process and an appropriate assessment of competencies, as well as the assessment of alignment with the organizational culture and purpose, in order to avoid costly hiring errors.

Defining the key requirements for success, together with a rigorous screening and evaluation of candidates, are essential.


Integrated Talent Management Models

It is not enough to attract talent, it is necessary to know how to manage it. This requires models, processes and tools in line with current trends and the needs of your Organization. Thus, it is important from the moment of the reception to have access to the instruments that allow defining the required skills, clarifying responsibilities, managing performance, defining progression and promotion paths, and remunerating according to the value generated for the Organization.


Talent Development and Retention

Defining development and succession plans, as well as adequate retention policies, are vital to the motivation of the Employee and to ensure the continuity of the Organization's business. In this context, the internal identification of talent, supported by robust assessment instruments and international reference, is essential.


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Assessment Instruments


Assessment Tools for Development


Assessment Tools for Promotions and Recruitment


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