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Moral Harassment at work
 Moral Harassment at work

What is Moral and Sexual Harassment?

Moral and sexual harassment in the workplace is defined as a set of actions that, in case of inaction, can lead to serious personal and professional problems. Specifically:

  • Moral harassment is a set of unwanted behaviors, perceived as abusive, practiced persistently and repeatedly, which may consist of a verbal attack with offensive or humiliating content or subtle acts, which may include psychological or physical violence. It intends to lower the self-esteem of the target person/s and, ultimately, undermine their connection to the workplace. Victims are involved in situations in which they generally find it difficult to defend themselves.
  • Sexual harassment is a set of unwanted behaviors, perceived as abusive of a physical, verbal or non-verbal nature, which may include attempts at disturbing physical contact, requests for sexual favors with the purpose or effect of obtaining advantages, blackmail and even the use of force or strategies of coercion of the other person's will. They are usually reiterated and can also be unique and of an explicit and threatening nature.

The challenge of facing Harassment in Companies

Today, more than ever, employees and leaders are acutely aware of the global risks posed by sexual and moral harassment. These include:

  • Individual and corporate reputational damage,
  • The risk of litigation,
  • Vicarious liability (in some legal systems) and criminal proceedings,
  • Negative impact on staff productivity, recruitment, and retention.

Even though businesses try to strengthen workplace policies, introducing training, applying campaigns, and reinforcing a culture of dignity and respect, studies made around the world consistently suggest that sexual and moral harassment remains an issue in the workplace.

Our offer on Moral Harassment at work

The Moral and Sexual Harassment workshops aim to:


For this, the following contents will be worked:

  1. Moral and Sexual Harassment and its representations.
  2. Common Harassment Practices and Key Contexts.
  3. Telecommuting and Harassment Practices
  4. Identify and act.

"No Means No."


Curiosities about Moral Harassment at work