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Increase Engagement
Increase Engagement

What is the Increase Engagement Program?

Create commitment. Promote Engagement. Energize the culture.

Employee engagement is something that can propel a company to new heights or, if not well employed, cause problems in its results.

The Increase Engagement program is a process that will transform your organization and that will lead you to achieve results, through the dissemination of engagement at all levels of your workforce.

The Challenge of Increasing Engagement

Achieving goals is the challenge for all organizations, and it is often not achieved. One of the reasons for the lack of results is that employees are not aligned and engaged, and the organizational climate is not very bright.

Organizations that do research on employee engagement categorize them based on the level of engagement demonstrated by the employee. For example, Gallup distinguishes between employees who are "actively engaged" (loyal and productive), "unengaged" (average performance), and "actively disengaged" ("absent from active service").

Employees who show no engagement in their work feel no real connection to their jobs and tend to do the bare minimum. They may also show specific behaviors such as a sudden mindset of only working from 9 to 5, an unwillingness to participate in social events outside the office, or a tendency to isolate themselves from colleagues. It is even more noticeable when it comes from someone who is normally outgoing and enthusiastic and who suddenly seems to fall by the wayside and has nothing positive to contribute. People in this position tend to resent their jobs, complain to co-workers, and lower office morale.

When employees are at risk of not achieving their results, we want them to analyze what they are doing wrong and assume that they will find solutions and act to resolve them. But that doesn't usually happen.


When do you need to Increase Engagement?

  • Your team or organization is struggling to get results.
  • Unproductive behaviors are showing up as poor performance, passive aggression and dissatisfied customers.
  • You need to accelerate results by inspiring people to take personal responsibility.


What is the impact?

  • Achieve growth goals and targets faster 
  • Increase performance - and results 
  • Engage and retain your best employees
  • Get revolutionary results


To overcome this situation, the most successful companies have implemented programs to align their employees and increase their engagement.

Solutions in the Increase Engagement Program

In order to accelerate the ability to achieve the desired results, this program addresses topics such as:


Get ready to see the results your organization will achieve when all employees and leaders demonstrate the ownership necessary to achieve key results.


Employee engagement is the degree to which an employee feels that they are truly part of a company, have a voice in its decisions and feels respected.

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