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Organizational Culture
Organizational Culture

What is Organizational Culture

Our program is a powerful change management process designed to shape and transform the culture of an organization.

Challenge of Organizational Culture

Did you know that 70% of all organizations say that their efforts in change management lack a simple and effective model which can be used by people at all levels? (Source: Partners In Leadership Workplace Accountability Study, 2014)


In fact, many organizations find it difficult to implement relevant changes because:

  • It is hard to ensure allignment of all employees based on a new way of thinking (which is crucial);
  • Employees tend to have beliefs that do not allow them to adopt behaviors which would lead to the desired outcomes;
  • In the short term, they create solutions to change management that are costly both in time and money as on other resources;
  • They fall into the action trap - they begin to take many actions like restructurings, dismissals, hiring, changes of processes ... However, they end up having a lot of resistance to change and when they cease to make pressure, everything becomes as before;
  • Employees resist and become unmotivated and there may be an increasing turnover.

Our solutions for Organizational Culture

We work with our clients to implement this change management program in order to:

  1. Create organization-wide alignment - We help clients to get organized in the three or four key results they want to achieve in the near future. Through the development of new beliefs, our approach helps to align the workforce around shared beliefs, vision and goals.
  2. Accelerate Culture Modeling - We help our clients overcome Beliefs that hamper change initiatives, by using our Change Management tools that encourage recognition, sharing of stories, feedback, and recognition of "exemplary" behavior.
  3. Establish long-term sustainable growth - To avoid short-term solutions for change management, our change methodology creates a lasting culture.
  4. Avoid focuse only in actions - We work with leadership teams to avoid focusing exclusively on actions that lead to achieve results. Instead, we promote our methodologies to focus on creating experiences that shape beliefs. These will create actions that lead to the right results.
  5. Improve employee morale - By creating this change the workforce is encouraged to recognize each other by demonstrating behaviors that help to accelerate cultural transformation, resulting in greater employee satisfaction and retention.


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Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

Peter Drucker

Curiosities about Organizational Culture