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Design & Lean Thinking

Design & Lean Thinking
What is Design & Lean Thinking?

Design Thinking and Lean Thinking are methods to solve problems and innovate. They focus on the user and continuous improvement, based on experimentation.

In Lean Thinking, the part of the brain that we activate mostly is the left side, because it is a thought based on rationality. The goal is to create more value for the user with fewer resources, by eliminating waste (physical, processes, ...)

In Design Thinking, the part of the brain that we activate mostly is the right side, because it is a more emotion-based thought.

Empathy is necessary to be able to think about the problem through the eyes of the users

Challenge of Design & Lean Thinking

Taking a systematic approach to increasing the productivity of processes and people is a challenge for all organizations that want to be competitive.


In this area, the challenges are to:

  • Create more value with less resources
  • Reduce waste of resources
  • Increase speed and quality in service delivery
  • Have processes and people fully focused on customer needs
  • Increase the involvement, accountability and autonomy of employees
  • Use creativity of motivated people
Our solutions about Design & Lean Thinking

We hold workshops where participants train Agile, Lean and Scrum philosophies and solve problems through Design & Lean Thinking. These workshops can focus on the two methodologies or only one in more depth.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, a prototype is worth a thousand meetings.
Curiosities about Design & Lean Thinking

In a process of innovation, companies can choose to use a Lean methodology - particularly fast, or Design - creates a vision, or both at the same time. Since both put the user first, implementing them together ensures a solution or product that is both successful and highly appreciated.

Our Solutions

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