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Impact and Influence

Impact and Influence
What is Impact and Influence?

By definition Influence means "to dominate; to affect; to change; change the course of events...". In our programs ,we work only positive influence, that is, the focus is on how to achieve personal power and achieve goals, while maintaining or strengthening relationships at work.

Efficient leaders influence others. Efficient leaders seek to influence others not for their own benefit, but for the benefit of the group. They see authority as a tool to help others achieve something of value.

The challenge of exerting influence

As John C. Maxwell says, "Leadership is influence." However, it is increasingly difficult to exert influence, as the increasing complexity of work and the increasing trend towards globalization has made it necessary to influence not only a larger number of people, but also people of different cultures and ages. Thus, the ability to persuade, the adaptation of the communication style and the correct identification of needs become essential elements for the leader.

In addition, the everyday use of technology is calling into question positional power - status, resources, expertise. This means that there is a change in organizational and social norms, especially in terms of organizational hierarchy, where everyone is expected to exercise their personal power and influence, regardless of their position in the organization. In this way, influence is part of the decisive competences to be successful both at work and in personal life and has become one of the competencies in which you must invest. It is especially important for people whose roles require a marked personal impact and influence, such as Directors, Senior Managers, Consultants and those responsible for teams, trainers and team managers.

How to increase Impact and Influence

In order to increase personal positive influence and its impact on your personal and professional life, we have developed an “Impact and Influence” program tailored to the client's own needs, addressing topics such as:

If you want to evolve further in this area, we also offer a Level 2 Influence Development Program, which, through the use and analysis of the ISQ profile diagnosis, will help you to fulfill your personal and professional goals - POSITIVE POWER & INFLUENCE®, created by SMS - Situation Management Systems.


Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.

John C. Maxwell
Curiosities about Impact and Influence

Many people believe that Influence is only for those naturally charismatic and charming. But that is not true - it is for those willing to be versatile and adaptable!

Actually, research by Kaplan and Kaiser shows that highly successful leaders are up to 50% more versatile than average leaders. The same is true for influence - the most influencial leaders are those who adapt their style according to the situation and while working with different people. 

According to the University of Pennsylvania, there are 5 ways that leaders can influence others:

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