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Leading teams in the Virtual Era

Leading teams in the Virtual Era

Increasingly, leaders have to manage teams where employees are in different locations. This requires the manager to be able to manage at a distance and use online tools for interaction between employees.


At present, about half of modern companies use virtual teams to increase productivity, reduce costs, and leverage global talent. However, this new way of working increases the lack of trust and disorganization within the team, resulting from inefficiencies in communication and social isolation. It also diminishes the sense of commitment as they do not feel the other team members as teammates.

In addition, with digitization, managers have to be more customer-centric, visionary, adaptive and agile, commercial, data-driven, open, curious and innovative. These are many skills to develop.

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In our Team Leadership program in the digital age, participants work on the main online tools that measure the interaction between employees. They also work on the skills of adaptability, curiosity and innovation.


The Web does not just connect machines, it connects people

Sir Tim Berners-Lee (English inventor of the World Wide Web)

An excellent example of virtual teams can be seen in the movie Apollo 13, in which astronauts work with the team on Earth through virtual communication to solve the problems that arise.

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