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Time and Stress Management

Time and Stress Management
What is Time and Stress Management?

The best leaders use stress as a motivator and source of energy to lead them to success, and they manage time in an extraordinary way.

Challenge of the Time and Stress Management

Psychologists, intrigued by people who experience stress and are able to deal with it in a positive way, have found that these people have a distinct attitude toward stress that they call "psychological resistance”.

There are three key factors to this resistance:

  • Responsibility - you have to take responsibility for what is happening. You need to get involved, engaged, and be curious. When you take responsibility, you will find that people and situations will be much more meaningful to you.
  • Control - you need to strive to influence what is going on - even if not all of your attempts lead to success, you can not let yourself sink into negativity and passivity.
  • Challenge is an opportunity - you need to see challenges as an opportunity to learn from both positive and negative experiences.


Creating this "psychological resistance" is a challenge for many, such as managing priorities, but once they have made it possible to have a much more interesting personal and professional life.

Our solutions about Time and Stress Management

Our Time and Stress Management program has the following objectives:



If you want to evolve in this area, you can do Level 2 Program - The Inner Game Essentials.


Time is a thing created by us. Saying "I do not have time" is the same as saying "I do not want to do it"

Curiosities about Time and Stress Management

Ideally, we should spend 60% of our time doing tasks that are not urgent but are important to our personal and professional lives, and only 20% of our time in urgent and important tasks.

A good film that comes as an example of how time has value is the science fiction film In Time (2011), which in a philosophical rendition introduces the question: "What's the use of your time if you do not have it? And what good is your time if you have it?“.

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