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The Inner Game® Essentials for leaders

The Inner Game® Essentials for leaders
What is The Inner Game® Essentials for leaders?

The Inner Game® Essentials is a 1-day workshop where participants get in touch with The Inner Game® core concepts and tools. Through dynamics and practical examples, each participant will create their own learning environment - one of the pillars of The Inner Game.

This workshop was created by Timothy Gallwey, the pioneer of psychology applied to sport and the corporate world, known as the father of Coaching.


Challenge of The Inner Game® Essentials for leaders

In all human endeavor, there are two arenas of involvement: the outer and the inner:

  • The outdoor game is played in an external arena, to overcome external obstacles and achieve an external goal.
  • The inner game takes place inside the mind of the player and is played against obstacles such as fear, insecurity, lapses of focus and concepts or limiting assumptions.


In order to win the inner game, it's necessary to perceive the two voices that fight every second to dominate our actions. The voice of potential, true, born with us pushes us to a full life, full of achievements and learning.

The other voice, which nourishes us with obstacles, criticizes and judges us incessantly, was generated on the basis of our contact with the outside world: parents, educators, culture and society.

Our solutions about The Inner Game® Essentials for leaders

How to win this game and live a fulfilled life is what this workshop promises. The Inner Game is a proven method for overcoming self-imposed obstacles that prevent an individual or team from reaching their full potential.

The Inner Game ® Essentials demonstrates that we all have greater potential than we show. To reveal it, we must learn how to deal with the phenomena of self-interference, such as self-doubt, fear of failure, or judgment of self. When people are able to develop the ability to control their inner game, they maximize their performance, as they reveal more of their natural abilities to do their job.

This Workshop introduces the history and fundamental concepts of the Inner Game, whether in the world of sport, in the corporate or the personal field. It is an initiation to the process of application and self-learning of the concept The Inner Game.

In this intense day of activities and exchanges of experiences, the participant will be able to understand how the Inner Game happens and how it can be won. Packed with examples and history, this introductory module has as main objective to make each participant begin to have contact with their potentialities and possible interferences.


More specifically, this workshop has the following objectives:

Definitely, an unforgettable day!


The greatest deeds in sport come when the mind is as still as a lake of ice.

Timothy Gallwey
Curiosities about The Inner Game® Essentials for leaders

The Inner Game International School was founded in 2012 in Brazil and today operates in the United States, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic and Portugal.

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