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What is Creativity?

Business creativity may take various shapes. Allowing your ideas and innovations to materialize is, therefore, a vital element of creating a successful business, from new content creation to dynamic problem-solving.

As the need for adaptation forces us to rethink existing business models, it accents creativity in the face of efficiency.

Find out some tips and techniques that will help you boost your creativity.

Challenge of Creativity

Creativity and business are not words that people tend to associate, but creativity skills are being named as the most important and required to run a business and drive growth. In fact, LinkedIn has named creative thinking has the most demanded skill (as well as critical thinking and problem-solving). 

Not only that, but creative thinking helps nurture the company culture, increase productivity, work for problem-solving, and it incentivizes companies to bring on the competitive nature that makes innovation rise. 

While in some industries it may seem more difficult to create space for creativity - especially in jobs where rules can't be bent - it is critical to explore this side of your teams, because creativity is not just making something new or different. It is also the attitude that makes people see opportunities, even in the unlikeliest of places, and, reach for them. 

Our solutions about Creativity

According to the specific needs of your company, topics such as:


Creativity is one of the last remaining legal ways of gaining an unfair advantage over the competition.

Ed McCabe

Curiosities about Creativity