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What does it mean to Manage the Inner Game?

In the face of a crisis it is easy to be dominated by thoughts that sabotage our energy and our relationships. For your balance it is essential to know how to overcome and have wise thoughts.

Built on the work and publications of Timothy Gallwey, the "Manage the Inner Game" program aims to embed participants with the tools necessary to use the Inner Game tools, and thus work towards their full potential.

The challenge of Manage your Inner Game

Achieving the perfect state of mind that allows you to stay focused and positive even in the most critical moments, which allows you to observe things others don't - the "being in the zone" - may be hard, but it is trainable. 

Inner Game's main point is about balancing the negative thoughts that may occur in the situations and making sure these don't affect you. If you stop being able to take in positivity and are unable to remain focused because your inner dialogue is full of negative thoughts, it will impact your performance by, for instance, pointing all that can go wrong. This unbalance will take even the highest performer, and turn him into a poor performer. 

Training your mind to manage these thoughts  - your own inner game - will help you unlearn bad or harmful habits while enhancing your focus, pleasure, the ability of learning, and it will overall help you improve your skills. 

Our solutions about how to Manage the Inner Game

According to the specific needs of your company, topics such as these will be addressed:


You can integrate your Mental Game Assessment


Your Inner Game dictates your outer game. 

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