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Public Speaking
Public Speaking

What is Public Speaking?

Public Speaking differs from talking to a group of friends by the way information is dynamized. In Speaking in Public, information has a purpose - to inform, influence, motivate, connect with others, or entertain a group of listeners. In all of your actions, Speaking in Public should answer the following question: "Who says what, in what way, for whom and for what purpose?"

What is the Importance of Public Speaking?

In the world of work, the ability to speak in public is vital. It is believed that about 70% of all jobs involve some form of Public Speaking.

This capability affects simple, everyday interactions between colleagues, bosses, coworkers, and customers and as such, can have a huge impact on your career and industry success. It is however considered the greatest fear of professionals.

According to a study by Andrew Zekeri, skill in oral communication was the number one skill assessed by graduates as the most useful to the working world, since communication skills increase the ability to interact with professionals and colleagues.

As such, if they have the oral communication skills, they show themselves as more complete job candidates and build more successful careers.

Our solutions about Public Speaking

The goal of this program is to learn techniques of speaking in public or communicating in business meetings with naturalness, confidence and effectiveness.

The topics covered are:


In this way, the participants increase their confidence and their competences on how to structure and present their idea. They also train ways to present a subject in public in an attractive and safe way.

If you want to evolve in this area you can do the Level 2 Program - Influence.


Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Curiosities about Public Speaking

Many elections have been won simply because one candidate was a better speaker than the other.

An interesting example of how to speak in public is in the film Larry Crowne (2011), because much of the film focuses on the oratory class, which features real tips and techniques such as vocal warm-up, timing in the speech, the direction of the look, etc.

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