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Spiritual Intelligence
Spiritual Intelligence

What is Spiritual Intelligence?

Spiritual Intelligence is the "ability to apply, manifest and incorporate spiritual resources, values ​​and qualities to improve daily functioning and well-being."

Contrary to what happens with emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence encompasses skills such as awareness of the purpose of life and the hierarchy of values, attention, intuition, intention, discernment, gratitude, and ego consciousness.

The main concept of Spiritual intelligence is to analyze the infinite possibilities, accept reality without prejudices created by unconscious beliefs, and choose the possibility that best suits your reality and the reality you want to create. That's why this concept arises from the field of Quantum Physics - the science of possibilities.

What is the Importance of Spiritual Intelligence?

Leaders need to develop competencies that allow them to manage situations of greater stress with more tranquility and with greater compassion towards the rest, so that they can make decisions that are more conscious and wiser.

According to Clare Graves (author, professor and psychologist, he developed the famous "Spiral Dynamics" model on maturity and levels of consciousness), people are only led by those in the same state of development, or half a state ahead. So we need today's leaders to be prepared to transcend the current level of thinking by developing their spiritual intelligence.

Our solutions about Spiritual Intelligence

The Spiritual Intelligence Program for Leaders is based on the Spiritual Intelligence Model SQ21 which teaches to gain awareness about the universe around us, ourselves and the interconnectedness of life.

The process is based on a basic belief: when you are in balance with yourself, the universe comes into balance with you and you will experience a facilitation and connection with the situations and people that transform your life. This process acts on the individual's natural state of physical, mental and emotional health.

The program begins with a diagnosis of 22 competencies and is based on scientific research and practical application in the business world.

With this program, leaders can make wiser decisions because they feel centered, calm, and treat others with wisdom and compassion, regardless of the seriousness of the challenge they face.


You can not solve a problem using the same level of thinking you used to create it

Albert Einstein

Curiosities about Spiritual Intelligence

It is important to look for work that brings satisfaction - in these we find thoughts and emotions that stimulate creativity and spiritual fulfillment - thus avoiding the natural and tendentious susceptibility of negative emotions.

The effect of the observer is the act of observing reality, transforming possibilities into actual experiences in the consciousness of the observer.

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