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Energise Your Brain
Energise Your Brain

The brain is the epicenter of our actions, decisions and achievements. However, we often do not pay due attention to its optimization and continuous development.
Through innovative methods and effective strategies, the "Energize Your Brain" program will take you on a transformative journey, focused on unlocking the secrets of your brain and empowering you to achieve a greater level of mental clarity, creativity, productivity and emotional resilience.

What is Energise Your Brain

It all starts and ends in the brain.

The brain is the organ responsible for learning, strategic decisions, emotions, behaviors, creation, social interactions and achieving goals.

Mind patterns encourage a person to be great or can lead to mediocrity. As such, learning how to focus on goals and how to direct the mind is the most important ingredient for professional success.

To take full advantage of the Brain's Potential you need to know and train your brain to adapt to the new environments in which we live in today.

What is the Importance of Energise Your Brain?

The brain likes to save its energy by connecting actions to specific behaviors - the habits. These can range from the "how you wash your hands" routine, your reaction to unexpected meetings, the dynamics of your relationships, or how you organize your workday. These habits are a quick and easy way to take the necessary actions on a daily basis, but by focusing only on your habits you are making your brain fall asleep, leaving it only to do actions it already knowns without evolution.

Change is a difficult action for the brain. Just think how hard it is to stop drinking that daily coffee or start your day an hour early! It's difficult to interrupt such ingrained patterns of behavior. Change threatens the stability of habits and self-control and introduces the possibility of having to face failure/pain when changing to a new way of doing, thinking and being.

Only when change is fully accepted and there is a good chance of victory, benefit and success, does the brain accept change. So, for change to be truly implemented, it must be a conscious choice - your decision - in order to avoid being seen by your brain as a threat, but as a reward. Learning how to overcome negative thinking patterns will help you deal with adversity and perform better.

Dê um impulso ao seu cérebro!

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Our Solutions about Energise Your Brain

The brain can be rewritten, creating new connections that automate positive and functional behaviors - creating new habits.

The Energise Your Brain course focuses on improving your personal goals by imparting knowledge and carrying out practical exercises in order to develop greater awareness of your brain and its power. We will focus on themes from the emotional, psychological, physical and brain skills forum. As such, the most discussed topics will be:

Boost your brain and achieve success

Boost your brain and achieve success

Know the science and develop the patterns of your mind

Know the science and develop the patterns of your mind

Develop extraordinary skills

Develop extraordinary skills

What you will learn in Energize your Brain
  1. Focus and Concentration Strategies: Master advanced techniques to improve your concentration and focus, allowing you to achieve more effective results in all your daily tasks.
  2. Increase Creativity and Problem Solving: Unlock your brain's creative potential with innovative methods, and learn to face challenges with smart and original solutions.
  3. Improve Memory and Retention: Discover effective techniques to improve memory and learning ability, becoming a more competent professional.
  4. Stress Management and Emotional Balance: Develop skills to deal with stress and emotions, ensuring greater balance and well-being in your personal and professional life.
  5. Neuroplasticity and Habit Changing: Learn about neuroplasticity and how to rewire your brain to develop new positive and healthy habits.

Get ready to improve your mental skills!

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Your brain is the organ of your personality, character, and intelligence and is heavily involved in making you who you are.

Daniel G. Amen, M.D.

The Energize your Brain course is for all professionals who want to increase their productivity, creativity and performance at work, as well as for all those looking to improve their emotional well-being, manage stress and increase resilience.

Bright Concept offers training in several languages, customizing its offer according to the client's needs. Contact us to find out more.

Of course! At Bright Concept our offer is made for you. Contact us and receive a personalized proposal for your needs and desires.

Curiosities about Energise Your Brain

  1. Learn something new every day! Follow the "use it or lose it" principle: when the brain stops learning, the neuronal connections that make the brain communicate can begin to decrease. So, intentionally learn new things.
  2. Breakfast is the brain's most important meal. It is the first meal after a period without food and opens your body to absorb all the benefits of the food you consume. If you avoid eating breakfast, you increase the possibility of having difficulty concentrating, low energy, increased reactivity to stress, mood imbalances and increased anxiety and depression.
  3. Some scientifically proven advantages of Mindfulness:
    1. It allows you to observe the feelings and thoughts of discomfort, without being "stuck" with them, and actively discover where those feelings and thoughts came from.
    2. Increases concentration, competence, flexibility, insight, memory and humor.
    3. Increases creativity - it leads to an increase in the number of ideas generated. 10-12 minutes of Mindfulness is enough to increase creativity.

Ready to revolutionize your brain?

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