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Professional Coaching

Professional Coaching

Bright Concept presents its Professional Coaching solutions.

We are present in Coaching in Portugal and Internationally with dynamic approaches. We do professional coaching in Lisbon and Porto in person, and online for the whole world.

We also run the Erickson International Coaching Certification and coaching training for managers and parents.

What is Professional Coaching?

Professional Coaching is a partnership between coach and coachee where the individual or team is inspired to maximize their personal and professional potential through a structured, creative and reflective process.

Professional Coaching allows individuals to explore different areas of action, from new perspectives on a context, to discover and adopt their own solutions and action plans, to achieve the goals they have defined.

In professional coaching we help individuals or teams to find their own solutions. Unlike other solutions such as consulting, training and psychotherapy, coaching is solely aimed at the present and future and the Coachee's goals, clarifying the vision and helping him to understand his own power.




What Professional Coaching Is Not


It is important to distinguish that coaching is not:

  • mentoring – a coach does not give advice, but rather focuses on how the coachee can set and achieve their own goals;
  • therapy – therapy deals with internal dysfunctions and its focus is on the past history, unlike coaching.
  • consulting – there is a prescription of solutions, while in coaching one is guided towards the path of discovering the solution;
  • individual training – it is not the role of the coach to define the objectives, but of the coachee who defines his own path.

The Coach's role is to help you walk the path, to see further and new possibilities, and to develop the necessary skills to achieve your goals. The coachee will thus be much more committed and motivated with the solutions he has defined and chosen as the best, putting himself in an excellent position to reach his potential and fulfill his desires.

Learn more, read the excerpt from the book Coaching: Going further, HERE.




What is Professional Coaching for?


Professional Coaching is a method that reveals a person's potential to maximize their performance. Its central objective is to support professionals and improve their performance.

Find solutions to problems

Find solutions to problems

Improve your results

Improve your results

Stop feeling blocked by situations

Stop feeling blocked by situations

Benefits of Professional Coaching for Individuals

The Coach's biggest mission is to guarantee the coachee's responsibility for their results, ensuring that people believe in themselves, developing a sense of personal Accountability, of commitment in their actions and learning. This way you will win:

  • greater clarity and focus on priorities
  • more confidence
  • more self awareness
  • more effectiveness
  • better communication
  • greater impact and influence
Benefits of Professional Coaching for Companies

An investment in coaching can lead to a significant return on investment (ROI):

  • International Growth Center (2016) indicates that companies that invest in the development of personal skills obtain an ROI of 256%.
  • And, according to the Harvard Business Review (2019), there is a 167% increase in the Net Promoter Score (NPS) of employees in organizations that create a sense of inclusion through coaching actions.

Ricardo Ferro
Head of Cloud & Security DevOps - DI IT Expert Hub

During my professional life the most valuable investment ever done was learning activities and improving skills, mainly focus on technology and IT frameworks.

Since a couple of years, I focus on improving my expertises and self awareness as Senior IT Leader to create and lead high performing and happy teams to have success.

The executive coaching by Bright Concept made a huge impact on my performance and wellbeing, creating a safe environment to share thoughts and getting coached to self-reflection, plan, and improvement to be a better version of myself.

Types of Professional Coaching

We develop different types of Professional Coaching:


Coaching for Executives

With an individualized approach, executive coaching deals with individuals who:

Bright Concept organizes its response with different types of coaching such as: Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, Coaching The Inner Game (based on the teachings of Tim Gallwey) and Motivational Coaching.

We also specifically address Sales Coaching, directing sales directors, teams and consultants, to help find ways to increase sales, stabilize the business and increase profit, through tools, systems and strategy techniques.

Find out more using the buttons below or contact us.



Coaching for Teams

Approaching teams and groups as the sum of all parts, professional coaching for teams is used as a facilitation and mediation tool that helps to improve internal and external relationships, clarify objectives and help to reach the potential of all members.

Among Bright Concept's various offers, we highlight Team Coaching and Group Coaching. Find out more using the buttons below or contact us.



Training in Coaching

We also offer training in coaching, specifically in the areas of:

In addition, we are certified in several diagnostic tools, such as the MBTI, DISC Profile, ESCI – Emotional and Social Competences Inventory, among others, which allow increasing the self-awareness of the coachee or the team.



Who are the Bright Concept Coaches?

Working different areas of professional coaching, Bright Concept has Coaches certified by the ICF – International Coach Federation, the entity with the most credibility in the world to certify Coaches, through an exempt and internationally recognized system. This certification guarantees that Bright Concept's Coaches have met demanding requirements that include specific and continuous training in Coaching, follow a model of key competences that sets the standard in the profession, have extensive experience and are committed to a rigorous code of ethics, ensuring the highest professional quality.

The Bright Concept team has Coaches who do Coaching in Portuguese (from Portugal and Brazil), English, French, Spanish and German. We do coaching in Lisbon and Porto in person, and online for the whole world.



Professional Coaching Methodology.

At Bright Concept, we believe that people have more resources in themselves than they realize. With the help of a Coach, they can stimulate the ability to think from different perspectives that will make them more autonomous, flexible and motivated.

Other development approaches tend to be more directive and less motivating, as people are generally not engaged when they are simply accepting a solution or recommendation from someone else. Find out how the various principles of development are addressed in a coaching session in our article “What is Coaching”.

Executive coaching

Coaching is an idea that comes from deep historical roots, such as Plato, Socrates and Aristotle. Find out more in our article “Coaching Portugal – The Origin of Coaching and What Distinguishes Coaching”.

Professional Coaching is used by individuals and teams who wish to develop their skills, overcome problems, or support motivation. Contact us to find out more.

All Bright Concept solutions are tailored to the needs of the individual or team, working according to a plan agreed upon by all parties. Contact us to find out more.

The programs that we present on this page are the ones that we sell the most. But, we love to be challenged!
Tell us what you want to develop so that we can make you a proposal. Contact us to find out more.