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Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching

What is Executive Coaching?

The Executive Coaching is based on a unique relationship between the Coach and Coachee, allowing the Coachee to discover and adopt their own solutions and action plans to achieve the outlined objectives.

Executive Coaching is a structured process that unlocks a person's potential to maximize their performance. It encourages learning rather than teaching or providing solutions. The Coach helps the Coachee to reach their best and produce the desired results in their personal and professional life.

Executive Coaching, unlike other solutions, is solely aimed at the Coachee's present and future and goals. The Executive Coaching creates:

  • Focus – clarifies your vision
  • Motivation – releases your energy to get what you want
  • Confidence – the power is in your hands
  • Action – planning your actions in a realistic and exciting way

Executive Coaching offers one of the most effective leadership development interventions. It helps leaders to develop their self-awareness and recognize blind spots, it helps them to think collectively, expanding their vision and enabling systemic thinking.

With the right approach, improving performance, developing potential and creating possibilities can be seen as a competitive advantage.

It's all about you - your goals, your dreams.

Isabel Andrade | Partner at Bright Concept 

Trailer of the movie IMPACT held in Hollywood, before the pandemic, where our CEO Isabel Freire de Andrade coached a CEO that was having several difficulties in succeeding in his company.

The Importance of Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is the most efficient way to develop managers, taking into account the limited time available and the degree of confidentiality they require. They create more time for themselves, achieve better results and build their soft skills.

If before people were indicated for Coaching when it was seen as an organizational problem, the opposite is now true, with the focus on high performance candidates and in whom it is believed to be worth the investment. Companies want to actively increase and develop strong competencies and have a major return on investment.

According to a study by ICF Global, most organizations (86%) say that when they invest in coaching, they get a return on it. In fact, one in five people (19%) saw an ROI 50x their initial investment, while 28% of people saw an ROI 10 to 49x their initial investment.

It also has important implications on a personal level. According to the same study, not only does productivity increase, but people become more positive and experience greater self-confidence (80%), better relationships (73%), better communication skills (72%) and an improvement in balance of professional and personal life (67%).

Our solutions about Executive Coaching

Bright Concept has developed its own methodology to support individual Coachings, using Diagnostics, Training, Gamification and Evolution Assessment. The mostly used diagnoses in Executive Coaching are 360º evaluations with the Saville Performance 360º. 

ESCI – Emotional and Social Competences Inventory


Or through self-assessment questionnaires with Leadership Impact, MBTI, DISC, Mental Game Assessment or SDI® - The Strength Deployment Inventory.


The Coaching sessions with Isabel Andrade helped me in my evolution, not only because of the way they were organized, but also because of the methodology she applied and the tools she gave me. I clearly felt that with each session I gained one more technique to apply in my day to day and thus achieve my goals. I never felt like I was being judged, but instead I was heard and supported in order to evolve emotionally.

Sónia Bernardo | Service Line Manager Master Data at Siemens

Curiosities about Executive Coaching

Some numbers:

Some history:

Before, there was a common understanding that people needed coaching because they weren't performing well, and the focus was on finding and implementing a solution to the immediate performance problem. The Coach appeared as the prescriber of a solution. Fortunately, this connotation has been fading...

As Maslow said, “It does no good to give people the truth. What you have to do is help them discover the truth about themselves, for themselves.” People will be much more committed to change and transformation if they discover and recognize this as their own development process.




Gonçalo Castro Pereira


I decided to hire a coaching service because I felt that to evolve as a professional and as a person, I would have to deepen my self-knowledge. I conducted a 360-degree questionnaire and several individual coachings. I saw clearly where I was and managed to improve the points identified with clear and achievable goals. It allowed me to get a more critical view of my performance and also a greater ability to understand the teams I work with. In the company it was possible to create a greater distance in the analysis of the various situations that we face daily, allowing a more assertive approach. We believe that maintaining the same behaviors can perpetuate professional successes, but there are times when change opens new horizons to previously unknown levels.

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