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Sales Training

Sales Training

Bright Concept presents its solutions in Sales Training.

We have a vast portfolio of topics that can respond to the needs of your service team, your customer service team and your sales team.

Our programs to develop business skills can be tailored to your organization's needs and can be complemented with assessments and gamification.

What is Sales Training

Sales Training works within an important area for companies looking to win new customers and leave their mark on the market.

This area involves the planning, execution and control of commercial activities with the aim of maximizing business profit, providing greater customer satisfaction and loyalty and better company performance. Sales Training includes topics such as:

  • Sales effectiveness,
  • Customer service
  • Negotiation
  • Customer loyalty

It also includes Mystery Shopper Assessment, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Commercial Skills Assessments and Commercial Coaching.




The main objective of Sales Training is to monitor all stages of the commercial process to ensure a satisfactory Sales Training. An experience that ideally exceeds your expectations and makes you come back.

Sales Training also serves the following objectives:

Increased company productivity

Increased company productivity

Improvement of sales processes

Improvement of sales processes

Strengthening the qualities that create competitiveness

Strengthening the qualities that create competitiveness

Increase Sales

When the commercial area is well managed and structured, with full knowledge of the themes and optimization of processes, it is easier to increase sales.

Increase team performance

A more integrated and motivating management makes it easier to coordinate teams and optimize performance.

Improve customer relationship

Customers do not accept being treated like numbers and, as such, it is increasingly necessary to show how much you value their trust, their potential, their opinions, needs and criticism. By using sales management systems, you will have loyal customers, who will scale your success.

Strengthen the company's image and improve the relationship with the market

By responding to the customer's needs, it is building an image of success and increasing competitiveness in the market.

Increase profitability

Effective commercial and sales management can help companies increase their profitability by optimizing their sales processes, improving customer retention rates, and identifying and capitalizing on upselling and cross-selling opportunities.


David Centeno
Responsible for the Training of BP Iberia

"Excellence is a value that does not come out of nowhere. Excellence is born of effort, dedication and constancy. At Bright Concept, customers are attracted to this level. They can promote learning through methodologies and contents that involve and achieve engagement. They also put into action development plans for employees to see their capabilities move forward."

Sales Training

The Sales Training Programs address various topics and are available through face-to-face or online workshops. Our programs are tailored to each organization, with specific solutions for B2C and B2B Organizations. We also offer consultancy in the commercial area, with diagnostic and follow-up solutions.


B2C Sales Training Programs:

B2C stands for Business to Consumer and represents direct interactions between businesses and end consumers. Some examples of B2C companies include everyday stores such as supermarkets, pharmacies, workshops, etc.

To help you develop skills in the B2C world, Bright Concept offers solutions in sales training. Find out more using the buttons below, or contact us.




B2B Commercial Training Programs:

B2B stands for Business to Business (business to business) and represents interactions between businesses. Some examples of B2B companies include distributors, suppliers, consultancies, etc.

To help you capture customers and maintain sales processes, Bright Concept offers:


Find out more using the buttons below, or contact us.




Commercial Consulting:

Commercial Consulting involves analyzing and advising companies in areas related to business management and strategy, to improve their financial performance and competitiveness in the market. Business consultants work with their clients to understand their needs and develop customized solutions that meet their business goals and objectives.

To help companies achieve their goals, Bright Concept offers its services with assessment actions, assessments and commercial coaching. Find out more using the buttons below or contact us.







All Sales Training programs – whether face-to-face or virtual – use 3 distinct phases.


1. Diagnosis – Through interviews and diagnostic instruments, we obtain the necessary information to build a customized program for your team.

2. Development– We carry out face-to-face and online workshops, gamification, video submissions and team monitoring sessions.

3. Evaluation – Finally, we carry out an evaluation of the program in order to confirm satisfaction and learning. For this, we carried out the evaluation of the satisfaction of the program by the participants and the evaluation of the evolution of Customers through visits to the workplace, monitoring sales, mystery shopping and evaluating customer satisfaction.



Pedagogical methodology of the Sales Training workshops

We favor an Action Learning methodology! using the Kolb Cycle as the basis of our learning system – which allows the creation of differentiated and personalized learning moments. In this approach are used:


The sales training programs that we present on this page are the ones that we sell the most. We love to be challenged. Tell us what you need to develop your commercial area so that we can make you a proposal. Contact us to find out more.

Our sales training programs to develop sales and business skills can be tailored to your organization's needs and can be complemented with assessments and gamification.

Bright Concept offers training in several languages, customizing its offer according to the customer's needs.

Our sales training programs target companies or organizations. However, we can run open courses where you will have the chance to enroll individually. These will be announced on our communication channels (website, social networks, newsletter). Contact us to find out more.