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Customer Satisfaction Studies
Customer Satisfaction Studies

Did you know that on average a very satisfied customer shares his experience with 3 customers and that a very dissatisfied customer tells his experience with 10 people! To ensure that you only have customers talking about the good experiences they had with your organization, we recommend that you frequently carry out Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

This way, you will know what your customers like about their experience with your organization and what they don't. With this accurate and reliable information you will have valuable insights into the perception of your customers, and you will be able to introduce improvements and congratulate employees when they are providing excellent service


Customer Satisfaction Studies are the collection of information through interviews or questionnaires that serve to analyze, research and verify the level of customer satisfaction, in order to adapt strategies in terms of service, products, communication and relationship.

Customer satisfaction is a performance indicator that shows how the company responds to consumer expectations and what feelings it awakens throughout the purchase process.


Currently, having an amazing product or service is no longer enough to guarantee customer satisfaction. Customers expect that all needs and expectations are considered and exceeded by companies, at the moment and with the best possible service.

As such, companies' management strategies need to consider consumer behavior and satisfaction in their business plans.

The preparation of customer satisfaction studies will allow your organization to face the current market with greater competitive confidence, as it allows you to respond to the following challenges:

  • Identification and restructuring of critical business areas;
  • Identification of employees' training needs;
  • Customer service quality assessment
  • Adjustment between the organizational strategies adopted and the needs of its customers and the market.
  • Loyalty of your customers
  • Attracting new customers.

Do you want to improve your customers' perception of your service?

Contact us and find out how customer satisfaction studies can help you identify opportunities for improvement and boost your results.


We use different sources of access to customers, such as telephone, online and face-to-face questionnaires, to obtain the necessary information to measure customer satisfaction. Then we carry out the report and propose improvement actions.

Get accurate and reliable data.

Get accurate and reliable data.

Identify opportunities for improvement

Identify opportunities for improvement

Increase customer satisfaction.

Increase customer satisfaction.

Promote quality customer service

Customer satisfaction studies provide key information about the processes and employee behaviors that made the customer's experience positive or negative. It can thus identify the critical factors to implement new strategies and training actions for employees.

Ensure customer loyalty and a good reputation

It is by promoting customer satisfaction that your organization will be able to increase their loyalty. Customers, when satisfied, tend to prolong consumption and assume the role of ambassadors for their company by sharing positive feedback on social networks.

Gain the competitive advantage

By conducting customer satisfaction studies, your organization will be able to analyze and evaluate the strategies adopted by competing companies. You can thus adjust your offer, communication and service to customer needs

Be proactive in your pursuit of excellence in customer service!

Contact us to find out more.


A customer talking about their experience with you is worth ten times that which you write or say about yourself.

David J. Greer, Author of Wind in your Sails

We will talk with you to understand the key points to analyze in order to offer the most complete strategic response.

A report on the level of customer satisfaction will be made available, with possible strategies to be applied in the future.


Learn how customer satisfaction studies can help drive your success!

Contact us to find out more.

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