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Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shopper
Mystery Shopper

Ensuring compliance with the service standards of a given Brand at all times and points of contact for the Customer is crucial to the success of any Organization.

Through the Mystery Shopper Methodology, you can obtain objective information and unbiased feedback on how your company is providing, or not, the “Customer” with a positive shopping experience or complying with the regulatory requirements to which it is obliged.


The Mystery Shopper is a methodology for evaluating the “Customer Experience”, in which a specialist analyzes and evaluates the capabilities and critical points of the service provided to the Customer, which may jeopardize their relationship with the company and, consequently, their loyalty.

The Mystery Shopper therefore offers an impartial and objective perspective from the Customer's point of view on employees' work practices and processes in relation to customers, analyzing the critical factors to be developed in the company, as well as the training needs of employees.

Used in companies from different sectors, this methodology evaluates processes and practices such as: customer service, layout and quality of space and products, consistency between the service offered and the process defined by the company, compliance with internal procedures and legislation, between others.





The Mystery Shopper methodology uses consultants or, in the face-to-face case, “Mystery Shoppers” who, fulfilling a certain Customer profile, anonymously visit a certain location and simulate (or carry out) a purchase or service provision.

During the visit, a set of key factors are verified anonymously, allowing the collection of information that, once analyzed, allows the evaluation and improvement of the consumer's experience.

The assessment may focus only on the quality of service provided by a given employee, or be more comprehensive, namely assessing the Employee's appearance and uniform, the physical environment of the store, the freshness of the products, etc...


Ensuring customer satisfaction is a daily challenge for businesses looking to gain competitive advantage in the market. Offering only a quality product or service is no longer enough, customers today want their expectations to be exceeded.

The experiences felt by customers at their points of contact with a given Brand or Organization – from the professionalism of the employee who assists them, to their friendliness, the offer of help, the waiting time, etc. – have direct implications for their satisfaction and loyalty.

In particular, through the Mystery Shopper methodology, you can obtain answers to the following questions:

  • How can you improve Customer satisfaction by providing them with a better experience at the points of contact with your Organization?
  • To what extent are your Organization's Employees complying with internal sales or Customer service models?
  • Do your Employees know and are they complying with the procedures or legal requirements to which your Organization is bound?
  • What good customer care and service practices are your competitors following?
  • What training needs do your Employees need?
  • Are your Employees putting into practice the learning points and behaviors transmitted in training?

Find out how the mystery shopper methodology can help your company improve the “Customer Experience” and make your business grow.

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We apply the Mystery Shopper methodology to different sectors and businesses where the service experience has a direct impact on consumer satisfaction: Retail, Hospitality, Banking, Public Administration, Health Services, among others.

In particular, our services include:

This information, together with that obtained through the NPS - Net Promoter Score and social media, allows you to assess the extent to which you are actually providing a good Customer Experience and make informed decisions.

Together with your team, we can also help you design and implement programs to improve Customer Service and develop your Employees' skills.

Discover our Training Programs.

Focus your team's attention on the Customer

Focus your team's attention on the Customer

Identify opportunities for improvement in Customer Service

Identify opportunities for improvement in Customer Service

Increase sales through a positive “Customer Experience”

Increase sales through a positive “Customer Experience”

How can teams benefit from a mystery shopper?

The mystery shopper application also has an impact on sales teams, specifically on:

  • Greater team commitment/engagement:
  • Better perception of function and points for improvement.
  • Improved communication between team members.
  • Obtain learning and professional development opportunities.
  • Increased job satisfaction and motivation.

Use the Mystery Shopper diagnostic to improve your team's performance

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The best advertising is done by satisfied customers.

Philip Kotler

The diagnosis is tailored for each Organization according to the needs of each client, the means used – face-to-face, telephone or email - and the depth of analysis.

We recommend using the mystery shopper with an improvement and development program, using this tool as a diagnosis and evaluation of evolution. The diagnosis makes it possible to discover failures in the system and to understand what needs to be improved. The evaluation of the evolution makes it possible to discover what has improved after the application of development actions and what can still be done.

Do you want to find out what your customers think and feel when they contact your organization?

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