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Bright Concept wants to contribute to fostering Sustainability and for that we support companies to have a better level of ESG

What is ESG?

The acronym ESG comes from the English “Environmental, Social and Governance” and summarizes its three pillars. This acronym has become the reference for business and investment practices that focus on sustainable development, not having only profit as an objective.



Sustainability has recently taken an evolutionary leap and has become a central theme of public and private discourse.

Indeed, several governments are launching stimulus packages for the development of digitization and sustainability.

Furthermore, the option of investment funds to only invest in companies that have the best ESG in their sector is motivating managers to invest heavily in sustainability in the three axes of ESG – Environment, Social, and Governance.

Our Solutions for Sustainability

  • The Corporate Sustainability Image Study in Portugal and Angola in 2022. - This study assesses the perception of consumers about the sustainability of companies in terms of the Environment, Social and Governance. The results are comparative within each activity sector: Retail, Food Production, Oil, Telecommunications, and Banks.

  • The Portugal and Angola 2022 Sustainability Award for companies that in each sector are identified by consumers as the best in each sector of activity in terms of Environment, Social, and Governance.

  • The Corporate Sustainability Culture Study in Portugal and Angola in 2022. - This study assesses how each company thinks and acts in relation to sustainability both in terms of the Environment and in terms of Social and Governance.

  • Innovation for Sustainability Workshops. If you want to innovate in terms of Environmental, Social, and Governance sustainability, we carry out Workshops with your employees so that 8 to 15 innovative projects are created and then 1 to 3 are chosen to carry out the prototyping and testing.

  • Sustainability Analysis at the Economic, Environmental, Social and Governance level for projects that apply for financial support programs.

  • Gender Equality and Inclusion Plans - We do consultancy in the area of the equality plan between men and women from a perspective of recruitment, selection, career development, and retention. We work at the level of Equality in access to employment, in working conditions and remuneration, as well as in Parental Protection and in reconciling professional activity with family and personal life.

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  • Workshop on Moral and Sexual Harassment - It is increasingly necessary to identify ways of acting in the face of incidents of sexual and/or moral harassment in the workplace. Through different dynamics, themes such as: Moral and sexual harassment, the law, and Principles of action are explored.

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  • Road Map for Implementing Sustainability Practices - We support organizations in integrating sustainability principles into their strategy and operations in order to respond to ESG factors. In partnership with the organization, we design roadmaps in the multiple aspects of sustainability, including the implementation of new business and governance models. We also intervene in the (re)design of processes and procedures, as well as in ethical and conduct references.

  • Incorporation of Sustainability Indicators into Corporate Management Models - Monitoring relevant and measurable indicators are key in monitoring the implementation of sustainability practices in any organization. We support organizations in the implementation of indicators that allow us to assess the effectiveness of implemented ESG practices and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability in its multiple aspects.


The question is not "Can this product be built?" In the modern economy, almost any product that can be imagined can be built. The more pertinent questions are "Should this product be built?" and "Can we build a sustainable business around this set of products and services?"

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